Ever thought about taking your Gran to get a tattoo? Well, neither had Professor Green until he headed down to our pop-up Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio – open exclusively to the over 70s…

Located in London’s hipster district, Shoreditch, we invited daring OAPs to get a tattoo on the house to celebrate our ‘First Taste’ Coca-Cola Zero Sugar campaign.

The uplifting TV advert sees our 70-something star Mr Hadley sip a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and wonder what else he hasn’t had the chance to enjoy.

While Queen’s anthemic ‘I want to break free’ spurs him on in the background, Mr Hadley embarks on a series of adventures – including diving into an Olympic size pool, enjoying the Pride Parade, declaring his affection for his long-lost love Alice and getting his very first tattoo!

Watch the full ‘First Taste’ Coca-Cola Zero Sugar campaign

To encourage others to follow in Mr Hadley’s footsteps we opened up a pop-up Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio. This temporary tattoo parlour was open to anyone aged 70 or over brave enough to get their own tattoo – and there were quite a few! They even shared snaps of their bucket-list experience using our #ForTheFearless hashtag.

Attendees were greeted by rapper and tattoo-lover Professor Green, as well as his Nanny Pat – who even got an inking of her own.

Professor Green said (unsurprisingly) that it wasn’t an experience he ever expected to have! “I can’t say that I ever imagined being in a tattoo parlour with my nan and her being the one getting inked, even if it is a temporary tattoo. She has always been fearless and a complete legend in my eyes. 

“Getting a tattoo has been on her bucket list for a while so thanks to the Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio for making one of her wishes a reality today.”

Aedamar Howlett, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain said: “Mr Hadley goes to extreme lengths to try something new, so we thought that the Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio would be the perfect way to reflect that while also giving people the opportunity to tick something off their bucket list. Not only are we offering free permanent tattoos but we’ve also got temporary ones and plenty of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to go round for those keen to take a less daring approach to trying something new.”

Why not try something new too?

At Coca-Cola we love experimenting with new flavour options and varieties to offer Coke lovers more choice than ever before.

Why not grab a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar or try one of our delicious new flavours: Cherry, Vanilla and Peach? It’s the same great taste as always but without the sugar!

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