EKOCYCLE, a collection of sustainable lifestyle products, launched by global music artist and entrepreneur will.i.am and The Coca‑Cola Company, and already a success in the States, is where fashion and recycling collide. From menswear to womenswear, and home interiors to a 3D printer and portable bike, the range of desirable items made from recycled materials have launched in the UK for the first time at an exclusive shop-in-shop in Harrods, London.

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The luxurious and innovative brand, which has collaborated with adidas and Misfit, aims to push the boundaries on more sustainable fashion and design. By identifying everyday household items, including plastic bottles and aluminium cans, and recycling them into valuable goods, EKOCYCLE challenges preconceived notions of products made from recycled materials.

Check out the range here: http://www.harrods.com/brand/ekocycle

“Sustainability is at the heart of The Coca‑Cola Company and we are always looking at innovative ideas that link the vision of sustainability with our packaging, and encourage its collection and recycling in order to extend the valuable lifecycle of this resource.” Bea Perez, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, The Coca‑Cola Company

Did you know? The idea for EKOCYCLE was born after will.i.am was inspired to turn waste from a Black Eyed Peas gig into recycled sought-after objects.