This year, our ultimate Christmas sleepover competition with made two Coca-Cola fans’ Christmas dreams come true. We caught up with our first-ever sleepover guests Kevin and Julie Westbury to find out what it’s like staying in the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck...

Through a special listing on, we opened the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck’s doors for the first time ever, revealing the magic within. Parked at a secret Central London location, the truck was home to competition winner Kevin and his wife Julie for the night. 

History-making guests

Our history-making guests were so excited that they had a sneak peek at the truck earlier in the day and were amazed at seeing it close up. 

“Coca-Cola and the Coca-Cola Truck are Christmas, so I think it’s just brilliant.” – Kevin Westbury, Christmas Truck sleepover winner 

Kevin said, “We couldn’t get to the gate because there were so many people taking photographs, so we had to excuse them out of the way to get in.” Julie added, “I was just laughing because everybody was out there taking photos and saying, ‘what’s happening, something’s happening’, and I’m thinking ‘we’re staying there tonight!’”

Kevin and Julie Westbury sad it’s a dream come true to stay in the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

How does it feel to be the first people to ever stay in the Coca-Cola Christmas truck?

Kevin: “It’s unbelievable, what a fantastic prize. We weren’t sure whether it had been done before or in Europe, but to know that we’re the first, it’s brilliant. Our kids are so jealous. We’re a big Coca-Cola family. We love Diet Coke.

Julie: “Coca-Cola and the Coca-Cola truck are Christmas, so I think it’s just brilliant. It’s better than I expected – I couldn’t imagine what it was going to be like and when I walked inside it was just stunning.

“It’s a dream come true, it’s fantastic” – Julie Westbury, Christmas Truck sleepover winner

Christmas come early

After unwrapping their Coca-Cola goodies from under the tree, the couple were treated to a delicious 3-course Christmas dinner extravaganza. The next day they can wake up to a festive breakfast and tickets to the Coca-Cola London Eye. They planned to make the most of the amazing sleepover opportunity:

“Staying in the Truck is a dream come true, it’s fantastic,” said Julie. “We’re going to be in here watching the Christmas movies, enjoying ourselves.”

First on the list is Julie’s favourite Christmas movie, ‘The Holiday’ – “We’ve only watched that about 70 times!” joked Kevin. 

See the Christmas Truck sleepover space take shape:

Favourite Christmas traditions

Christmas is a major event in the Westbury household. Kevin said, “We’re both Christmas fans. My wife is Mrs Christmas – she loves it.” This year they’re having 20 people round on Boxing Day for a big celebration. Julie explained, “I love family to come at Christmas. To me that’s what it’s all about. It’s just about family time really. I do love it, it’s hard work though.” Kevin said he does try to help: “I always offer to help with the cooking, but she won’t let me.”

Their favourite family tradition is waking up to Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’. Kevin explained: “That’s how the kids used to wake up and that’s we still wake up – I still do it now, even when we’ve got guests staying. I still insist on saying ‘Santa’s been!’. Then we come downstairs – nobody’s allowed to open any presents until after a nice warm family get together over bacon sandwiches in the kitchen. Then we open presents and everybody goes wild.”

Holidays are here!

Next year Kevin and Julie will be sure to visit the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour to tell everybody about their stay. Kevin said, “I’m going to make a point of going from now on. To let everyone know we’ve been in here.” Well they are almost Coca-Cola royalty now.

What was the best part of the sleepover?

Kevin said: “I think just the whole experience really. Seeing the Truck – it’s an iconic thing. I’ve seen it in the adverts and to me that means the start of Christmas, so when I saw the Truck I just thought it’s fantastic. I just never expected it to be like this inside, it’s just really brilliant.”

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