Abbey Well Spring Water will soon have a new look. But there’s more to this bottle than just a new twist on its design. Here are three ways it’s been manufactured with the environment in mind...

The new twistable bottle design may seem like the stand-out change to your Abbey Well bottle, allowing the user to literally twist the bottle before disposing of it, but Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) been working hard behind the scenes to make this innovative packaging friendlier to the environment as well.

Here are three ways the new Abbey Well twist bottle is built with the environment in mind:

1. It’s 100% recyclable

Coca-Cola European Partners are looking for ways to minimise the environmental impact of their operations. This means not only a new design, but a new 100% recyclable bottle. In fact, the new packaging design uses up to 32% less plastic than in the previous bottle design.

Recycling is always a top priority. Last year 89% of CCEP's packaging, and 99.6% of their manufacturing waste, was recycled. So it’s no surprise that this is an environmental benefit to shout about!

2. It actively encourages recycling

Not only is it entirely recyclable, the new bottle actively encourages fans to recycle it.

Unfortunately, the technology to have bottles jump into the recycling bin themselves doesn’t exist, so the packaging includes the next best thing. A “Recycle Me” callout on the label, which hopefully people will notice and then be encouraged to recycle their bottle in a nearby bin.

“We want to see fewer bottles in the bin, and more of them in the recycling. This new bottle is designed to make that happen” 

Linda Crichton, Head of Resource Management at WRAP said: “This is another great innovation from the Coca-Cola system, reducing material usage whilst ensuring the bottle remains recyclable is really important for resource efficiency. Reminding consumers that the bottles can be recycled is also really important.”

40% of bottled water drinkers think ‘buying bottled water is bad for the environment’. So, by adding some environmentally-friendly encouragement directly to our bottles, we’re hoping to put minds at ease.

3. It saves energy

Because of its innovative, green design, and a £14m investment at the Coca-Cola European Partners bottling facility in Morpeth, Northumberland, every bottle of Abbey Well Spring Water now needs less energy to make and transport. On top of this, even the recycling process itself requires less energy, all due to the lower amount of plastic. So from manufacturing through to recycling, every aspect of every bottle’s lifespan is more efficient, more environmentally friendly and a whole lot greener.

Born in the UK

This innovation in green manufacturing is direct from here in the UK. Not only is Abbey Well Spring Water bottled at source from a natural spring in Morpeth – where every drop has been filtered through water bearing sandstone for at least 3,000 years – these bottles are manufactured in the same area. The Coca-Cola system is hoping that by encouraging recycling here in the UK, we can help the environment that provides us with the very materials and drink our fans enjoy.

Grab the new 500ml bottles of still and sparkling Abbey Well Spring Water later this year, and the 250ml and 750ml still ‘Sports Cap’ bottles early 2017.

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