Trick or treat? A simple question but one that can result in all manner of scary consequences! And so it was when Fanta and MTV joined their frightful forces to offer one lucky prize winner a Halloween they wouldn’t forget.

Those brave enough to enter were encouraged to share a spooky photo or video of their Halloween costume on Twitter, using #fantatrick and tagging @MTVUK, for a chance to be pounced upon with a trick and treated to a surprise. All manners of evil could be seen popping up over the social network, from skeletons to zombies and green-eyed goblins. But there could only be one victim winner, and that was Marnie Llewelyn, 25, from Acton, West London.

Like all good tricks it was kept a secret, and filmed for viewing pleasure. Marnie’s friends and family were also in on the prank, which involved dressing us flesh-eating zombies and pretending to invade her house! A professional make-up artist was there to add some seriously spooky touches, and ensure a scream or two could be heard. Watch the scare below:

But, Fanta and MTV couldn’t be totally mean. After all, they did promise a treat too, and so Marnie also received a goody bag filled with eerie accessories, while the make-up artist applied some creepy prosthetics for a Halloween party she attended later that night.