Orange juice drink, Minute Maid, tugs at the holiday heartstrings in the latest instalment from the brand’s #doingood campaign, which lets parents know they’re doing better than they think.

A new digital film released on Black Friday tackles the self-doubt many parents feel during the holidays by celebrating what matters most. Minute Maid set up a storefront in Chicago with nothing to sell, but everything to give. Instead of buying gifts, shoppers could write a letter to a parent in their life to tell them they’re #doingood.

In the video, five individuals walk into the store and write heartfelt letters of appreciation to their parents, then later present the gift-wrapped notes in person. Emotions flow as the moms and dads read the letters aloud in their homes, wiping back tears.

Minute Maid’s #doingood campaign aims to combat the internal struggles many parents face in balancing work and life – which can intensify this time of year.

“The holidays are a time when time-crunched parents are doubting themselves even more than usual and putting pressure on themselves to make the season perfect for their children and families,” explains Shannon Richmond, brand director, Minute Maid. 

Richmond said the brand set out to remind fans of the true meaning of the holiday season. “At times, we forget that the holidays are all about family. Sometimes we lean into the commercial aspect a bit too much,” she said. “We wanted to inspire a cultural conversation and prove that gifts that mean the world often don’t cost a penny – and that it’s the thought, not the things – that count.”

The holiday iteration of the Minute Maid #doingood campaign extends beyond the film, too. “We want to invite others to participate in this message and tell a parent they know that they’re #doingood.”

That’s where the idea of a “Nothing to Sell” pop-up store on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue came from. For two days in late-November, passers-by could enter the store and write a thank-you letter to a deserving parent either on a computer tablet or by hand.

“Most chose to sit down and write with a pen and paper,” Richmond said. “The response we saw was overwhelmingly positive and very refreshing.”

The #doingood campaign lives on in social media, too. A Minute Maid Letter Maker invites fans across the country to create personalized letters for a parent in their life, and a network of bloggers are publishing exclusive content

Since launching on Mother’s Day 2015, the Minute Maid #doingood campaign has resonated with fans by tapping into a universal truth that supports the brand’s mantra of ‘Put Good In, Get Good Out.

“Even if you’re not a parent, you know one who has questioned themselves at one point,” Richmond said. “This campaign is authentic, and it’s relatable. Every family has its own story, so it’s very affirming for parents to see that they’re not alone.”

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