As part of glacéau smartwater's 'Life Distilled' campaign, the brand has partnered with cult-London yoga class Fat Buddha Yoga to create 45-minute Smart Yoga sessions on the garden roof terrace of Coca-Cola GB's London HQ. 

This summer you can enjoy a 'distilled' alfresco yoga experience thanks to glacéau smartwater. Devised by Fat Buddha Yoga founder, Jessica Skye, the sessions embrace simplicity, cut complexity and celebrate smart living. It goes hand in hand (or hand to foot, rather) with #lifedistilled, a campaign that celebrates smart thinking, stepping back and simplifying life in a busy complex world. 

Each session, led by Jessica, will be served with a side of the new glacéau smartwater 850ml sports cap bottle, which launched in Great Britain this summer as a means of providing hydartion on-the-go. With its unbeatable clean, crisp taste, it's the perfect companion for any workout, from spinning to sprinting, pilates to powerplates, and zumba to urban yoga.

glaceua smartwater Fat Buddha Yoga

Glacéau Smartwater is the only bottled water in the UK that vapour distils British spring water. It is this unique process - plus a combination of electrolytes - that creates a distinct and refreshing taste.

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