Reem Kanj is a Leabnese Londoner Blogging about Travel & Personal Style, who lives in East London. On behalf of GLACEAU smartwater, Reem shared a ‘distilled’ list of best things to do in Hoxton...

Reem’s top 5 to do in Hoxton:

1.  Love the ceviche at Andina

Peruvian is one of my favourite cuisines and the menu at Andina is great!

2.  Best Indian food at Dishoom

Anyone who follows me on social media will know this is my all time favourite London restaurant.

3.  Mani/Pedi at Cheeky Parlour

Such a cool space for a mani/pedi, especially if you go with a friend!

4.  Chocolate shopping at Mast

Just walking in and smelling the chocolate in the air is enough to make you a fan!

5.  Shopping at Modern Society on Redchurch Street

A beautiful selection of pieces and a gorgeous little cafe to wind down in too.

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