It's been another incredible year at Coca-Cola Great Britain, from celebrating our 50-year partnership with Special Olympics, to our biggest integrated recycling campaign to date. Here are a few of our favourites in case you missed them…

1. Celebrating 132 years of heritage

They don’t make ‘em like they used to. We do. This year, we celebrated the original taste of Coca-Cola and how the recipe hasn’t changed since it was created in Atlanta in 1886.

The 'We Do' campaign was a celebration of our heritage and of the truly remarkable drink which has survived over a century and isn’t going anywhere soon.

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2. Mr Hadley returns!

At the start of 2018, we were treated to a visit from an old friend. The famous Mr Hadley from the Coca-Cola zero sugar ads was back and wilder than ever, encouraging us all to try something new…

Watch the Mr Hadley advert and view a gallery of images

3. A summer of unforgettable experiences

We kicked off the summer encouraging our fans to try something new, with the opportunity for them to win 1,000s of prizes every day. These included unique experiences to incredible destinations, such as whale watching in Iceland, meditation in Italy, surfing in Portugal and many more…

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4. Helping you to reduce your sugar intake

Do you love your favourite soft drink but want to cut down on your sugar intake? Well, did you know that all the sparkling soft drinks that are part of the Coca-Cola system have a reduced sugar or sugar-free buddy? That’s why in April, we launched our Reducing Sugar hub, to encourage more people than ever before to try a low or no-sugar variant of their favourite drink.

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5. World Without Waste

As part of our continuing commitment to work towards a World Without Waste, in January 2018 we announced an industry-first goal to help collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can we sell worldwide by 2030.

Here are our commitments globally, and in Great Britain…

6. #CokeDunks

Recycle Week 2018 saw the climax of our biggest integrated recycling campaign to date. The campaign was centred around a competition called #CokeDunks, which challenged people to film themselves creatively slam dunking their empty plastic bottles into recycling bins.

There was a TV campaign, a Snapchat game and celebrities such as the gymnast Nile Wilson got involved, as well as Tom Connors, Emily Canham, Lucy Campbell, Tre Whyte and Gallucks.

Even the iconic Piccadilly Circus sign in London got in on the action…

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7. Coca-Cola Avocado?

In April we announced the launch of our new range of Coca-Cola zero sugar millennial-inspired flavours: Avocado, Sourdough and Charcoal. Well, it was on April 1st…

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8. Full Red

In August we unveiled the new look of Coca-Cola original taste and Coca-Cola zero sugar. The newly designed packaging unifies the range with the iconic red colour of Coca-Cola to make it even clearer that, whichever you choose, you’ll get the same great Coca-Cola taste and experience you know and love – either with or without sugar.

Discover more about the new-look and why we updated it

9. The launch of dairy-free smoothie AdeZ

At Coca-Cola Great Britain we’re always striving to launch new products for you to enjoy. That’s why in April 2018, we launched dairy-free smoothie AdeZ. Originating from vibrant South America, it’s made from plants and is available in three scrumptious, on-the-go flavours: Amazing Almond, Awesome Oat and Courageous Coconut.

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10. The 50th anniversary of our partnership with Special Olympics 

At last, but by no means least, 2018 saw the anniversary of one of our most valued partnerships: with Special Olympics. We’ve been global partners with Special Olympics since the Games’ inception in 1968 and in Great Britain since the Games were first launched here in 1978.

In celebration of the global Special Olympics 50th anniversary on 20 July 2018, iconic landmarks around the world – including the Coca-Cola London Eye and the London Piccadilly Sign – turned red in an international display of unity.

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