‘This Coke is a Fanta’ is often used as a homophobic expression in Brazil. So, this summer, Coca-Cola decided to turn the saying on its head, bringing an empowering new meaning to the offensive term through an uplifting Pride campaign.

For years, the Portuguese phrase ‘This Coke is a Fanta’ has been used to make fun of the LGBT+ community in Brazil. While some claim it’s just an innocent joke, those subjected to the taunts have described it as “exhausting” and believe it encourages prejudice to grow.

That’s why Coca-Cola Brazil created a limited-edition can — featuring the iconic red Coca-Cola Original design on the outside with refreshing Fanta inside. The cans launched on International LGBT Pride Day, aiming to spread the message ‘This Coke is a Fanta, so what?’.

A new symbol of pride

The impact of the anti-prejudice campaign was astounding. Almost overnight, the limited edition cans had transformed a homophobic message into a symbol of pride for millions of people. Fans all over the country began creating their own ‘Coke Fantas’ and posted videos across YouTube and social media platforms.

The campaign even received praise from the country’s most famous LGBT singer Pabllo Vittar. The star took to Instagram to share his love for the limited edition cans in a heart-warming clip.

“I am amazed by Coke Fanta!” he says, as he pours the Fanta into a glass.

‘This Coke is a Fanta, so what?’ also proved to be a big hit during Carnaval, with many attendees dressing up in Coca-Cola Original-themed t-shirts with Fanta logos underneath.

“We can be Cokes, we can be Fantas, we can be whatever we want!” one party-goer says in the campaign film.

“Let’s be happy!” shouts another, as she enjoys a can of Coke Fanta.

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