Imagine the scene…

You’re on your usual bus home from work. You’re tired, hot and stressed – probably carrying several bags in one hand, your phone in the other. You’re actively trying to dodge the elbow of the man next to you while not stepping on the toes of the woman behind you. All you can think about is getting home, as you impatiently check your watch.

“Music can work wonders at relieving stress” 
– Malcom Wilson, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

A wave of calm

Suddenly a wave of calm rushes over you, you feel your muscles relax and the tension ease from your limbs – a beautiful melody is flowing around you. Six of the world’s leading musicians – members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra are playing a classical version of ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone. You start to enjoy the journey, rather than just focussing on getting home.

Enjoy more ‘me-time’ moments

Why? Because 4 out of 10 Brits say they rarely enjoy any me-time, but if they do, it’s most likely to be at 17:05. So Fuze decided to help Londoners enjoy their me-time properly.

Even during their spare time, people in the UK struggle to completely switch off when they get home from work, as they continue to check and reply to emails. With just 55 minutes to themselves each week, those in the UK are reported to have the least ‘me-time’ across Europe.

Enjoy your own ‘me-time moment’

“Fuze Tea is perfect for those little me-time moments,” says Christina Lecky, Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain. “It’s something completely different for people to enjoy at any time of the day, as it features a unique fusion of botanicals and tea extracts – including chamomile and hibiscus.” That’s why Fuze Tea is calling on the British public to take some time out of their day to enjoy a much-needed moment to themselves.

A special moment

Commenting on the impromptu performances, Malcom Wilson, General Manager from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, says: “We were delighted to bring some well-deserved relaxation into the commutes of busy Brits.

“Music can work wonders at relieving stress, and it was a really special moment for us to give commuters a chance to swap their headphones for alive orchestral performance.

‘A fun and enjoyable way to travel’

Hayley Wilkinson, 33, from London, says: “The music was such a nice touch! I wasn’t sure what to think when it started because I was so surprised, but it was a fun and enjoyable way to travel.”

Georgie Giddings, 27, from London, says: “I didn’t expect the music when I got on the bus, but it was so much fun – I didn’t want to get off!”

Christina adds: “We were thrilled to surprise busy travellers today with a truly special experience. We want to encourage people to enjoy some well-deserved me-time on the busy commute, and there’s nothing better to bring this to life than beautiful live music from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.”

Listen to the Fuze Tea Spotify playlist for your own me-time moment