It’s often said that the first sighting of our ‘Holidays Are Coming’ advert marks the start of the Christmas period – and that’s certainly the case for the stars of Gogglebox.

We were lucky enough to be there as they listened to the classic jingle and saw the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck appear for the first time this year…

Here are our top moments from Chris and Stephen, Jenny and Lee, Ellie and Izzi, and Pete and Sophie

1. “GASP”

2. “It’s amaaaaaaazing…”

3. “It comes out of the trees and... Woooo!”

4. “Holidays are coooooooming!”

5. “OoooOoOohhh…….”

6. Spreading all the Christmas cheer…

You can see the Coca-Cola Christmas truck for yourself on its 2017 tour: Find your nearest Truck Stop!