Holidays are coming! The UK-wide Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour has begun! Our events teams have been sharing a few of their favourite experiences so far.

The Coca-Cola Truck Tour is now over for 2018! But you can still find more festive fun in our Coca-Cola Christmas hub…

Sunday 9 December 2018

It’s finally here! Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball! And we couldn’t be more excited. The atmosphere was electric and we were thrilled to meet some fantastic Coca-Cola fans, including Donna Clements and her friends who had just finished a race!

She says: “We just finished our 5k run and we were coming down to get some food! What a surprise to find you here, it just made our day even more satisfying. Love the truck and love a nicely chilled Coke after our race.” 

Donna Clements and friends

We also met a birthday girl – Toni Filder was with her mum and sister to celebrate her mum’s birthday. She says: “It's our mom's birthday, and what better way to celebrate then to dress up to come and see the Coca-Cola Truck and then go and party at the Jingle Bell Ball!”

Toni Filder with her mum and sister

Friday 7 December 2018

On Friday we stopped in at Nottingham and met a very special fan, Beryl Thompson. Beryl came to see the Truck as it’s part of a lifelong bucket list dream! She had an incredible time and lapped up the festive spirit.

Beryl with the Coca-Cola Truck Tour team in Nottingham

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Next stop on our tour was the incredible city of Peterborough. Where we had the good fortune (ho ho ho) to meet Ian Luck and his gorgeous dogs! Ian says: “I've been taking the dogs to see the truck since I first had them, it's become a tradition. We always get them to wear the fairy lights, I think they love being in the centre of attention – them and the Truck of course!”

Ian Luck’s dogs with their fairy lights aglow

We also met Waine Fergie who brought down his very own Coca-Cola Truck! He says: “I have always been a big Coca Cola fan and have passed it on to my son. We just purchased the remote-control truck for Christmas, there was no way we weren't going to come down to show it off in front of the real thing!”

Saturday 1 December 2018

We were treated to some fairly unusual (but fantastic) guests in Bournemouth… First up was a visit from the police! But luckily their visit was purely for fun. Police Officer Kristian Ward – who was dressed up as a police dog(!) – said: “The Dorset Police Department love Christmas, so we've come out to show it in all our glory at the most iconic Christmas landmark, the Coca-Cola Truck.”

Kristian Ward from the Dorset Police Force getting into the Christmas spirit!

Next up were brave December surfers, Tom Nation and Rosie Harper. "We came out of the water onto the beach to be greeted by the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck,” says Tom. “What a great surprise! It's so eye-catching we just had to come over and get immersed in the experience ourselves.”

Tom Nation and Rosie Harper came straight from the beach

We also met Nathan Murphy who said: "Christmas is a really big thing in our family, so we are dedicating our Sundays to doing Christmassy activities. We were not going to miss the Truck for anything in the world, so happy to be here!"

Sunday 25 November 2018

A wonderful welcome greeted us from the people of Bristol. We met Leon Creswick who had a very special job last year: "I was the driver for the Coca-Cola Truck last year! I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to come back and say hi. I had such a good time driving it and working with these guys."

Saturday 24 November 2018

First stop: Gainsborough! Here Dean Woods tells us: “Christmas is our favourite time of the year, as soon as we find out our nearest stop, we get on our Christmas jumpers and head to the Coca-Cola Truck.”

Dion Oldridge, Antonia McDermott, Becky Evans and cast members from Sleeping Beauty

We also met stars of the local panto, Sleeping Beauty! One of its stars, Dion Oldridge, says she loves the Coca-Cola Truck: “It reminds us of the start of Christmas!”

For our second stop of the day we headed to Bristol. Where we met Coca-Cola fan, Steven Godby in his Coca-Cola Christmas Truck jumper. Steven says: “What a pleasure it is to stand next to the famous Coca-Cola Truck! I wasn't going to miss this opportunity – I had to dress up for it!”

Steven Godby and his wife

We also met Mary Homeyard, who says: “It’s our first year coming to see the Truck. We've always wanted to do it, but it was never in our area. We made a special effort today and travelled all the way here. We’re wearing our Coca-Cola t-shirts to show our support! And we even have Coca Cola socks on!”

Mary Homeyard with her brother

Wednesday 21 November 2018

What a welcome in Swansea! There we met Sharon Hayes who tells us she’s been coming to see the Truck every year since her son was born: “We love it! It has become a tradition for us.”

Sunday 18 November 2018

We had an amazing couple of days in Cardiff, where we were lucky enough to meet some incredible Coca-Cola fans including Paul Murphy and Claire Garcia.

Claire was particularly excited and got the whole family dressed up for the occasion! “Of course we weren’t going to miss the opportunity to wear our elf family hats to the most Christmassy thing around! What a great atmosphere, Christmas is here! she said.

Paul added: “We haven't missed one Coca Cola Truck visit yet, and we weren't going to this year either. I absolutely love Coca-Cola.”

Saturday 17 November 2018

What a wonderful day we had in Sheffield. And I think we spread a little bit of extra joy today by giving away two tickets to Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball. The lucky winner is Casey Beatson, who said: “We only came down for a free Diet Coke and a quick snap and we ended up winning Jingle Bell Ball tickets! I'm shaking with excitement trying to keep it bottled up.”

Lucky winner Casey Beatson with two friends – but which one will she take to the Jingle Bell Ball?

Friday 16 November 2018

What a welcome in Morpeth!

Melanie, Ryan and Sasha in their amazing Holidays Are Coming Christmas jumpers <3

We were thrilled to meet Melanie, Ryan and Sasha looking fantastic in their festive Holidays Are Coming Christmas jumpers. “The Xmas truck is iconic it means the start of Xmas for us,” says Melanie. “We only watched X-Factor just for the new advert. We travelled 2 hours to get here today!”

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck fan Aaron Robson from Morpeth

We also met the lovely Aaron Robson, who told us: “I love the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck – I come every year and it would mean the world to me to get on the website.” Your Christmas wish is our command, Aaron!

14 November 2018

Holidays have come to Newcastle!

Callum Maloney with two of our Coca-Cola Truck Tour team members

The crowds are phenomenal here. Among them was Callum Maloney, in his 7th year of visiting the Coca-Cola Truck! He has two branded jumpers on as well as Coca-Cola socks and the jacket (plus underpants too!). He says he is one of the biggest Coca-Cola fans of the north east and collects Coca-Cola bottles too. We gave him a hat for being such a great fan.

“The Coca-Cola Truck means the world to me,” says Callum. “It's so legendary and it’s the official start of Christmas. Thanks for all the years we have shared and especially thanks for the hat.”

We also met Lesley Donovan who says: “You know when the Holidays Are Coming advert is on that Christmas is just around the corner.”

Sunday 11 November 2018

Our third stop was in the welcoming Scottish town of Rutherglen where we met some Christmas elves…

Volunteers Katie, Alastair, Angela, John, Richard, Stacey and Courtney from children’s charity Ronald McDonald House visit the truck at Tesco Rutherglen

Saturday 10 November 2018

We brought some Holidays Are Coming magic to Exeter on Saturday! We had a super day and the crowds in Exeter were amazing.

Spreading festive joy (and snow!) in Exeter

Friday 9 November 2018

And we’re off! The tour has officially begun here in Scotland. We even had the Global Radio street teams join us to do some some amazing spot prizes – fans who came down had the chance to win tickets to the Jingle Bell Ball!

Find out how you could win tickets to the Jingle Bell Ball!