With its sleek silhouettes, bold prints and street-art graphics, the brand new Tezenis x Coca-Cola capsule collection has burst from the catwalk and onto London’s Oxford Street. We headed to the launch of the new garment range at the Tezenis UK’s flagship store to take a look...

Despite it being a cold winter’s morning in December, London shoppers are out in full force on the capital’s busiest shopping street looking for the perfect Christmas gifts. And lots of these eager shoppers are keen to check out the new range of Coca-Cola inspired clothing at the Tezenis store.

We arrive late morning and already there are crowds of eager shoppers snapping up the pieces, ranging from soft and comfy PJs, to trendy and athletic tops and t-shirts.

The busiest shopping street in London

The newly refurbished store has just reopened after a complete refresh. It’s ideally located for central London shoppers, so we have no problems finding it. It’s Tezenis’ flagship UK store and it’s smack bang on the intersection of Oxford Street and Regent Street. Pieces from the Tezenis x Coca-Cola capsule collection are displayed in pride of place in the window.

Perfect presents

Even though the collection has only been launched for a few hours, Bianca Daniel, Tezenis General Manager, says that it’s already been successful.

“We’re so pleased by the reaction from customers,” she says. “I knew Coca-Cola was popular, but I didn’t realise how much! With Christmas coming up, people seem to be buying many of the pieces as presents. The crop tops and bodys are really popular – I think they look great with jeans. People want to wear comfortable sportswear nowadays that’s not necessarily for the gym. That look is really in right now.”

The clothes all have the same confident colour palette of red, black and grey. Which are inspired by the bold colours of the Coca-Cola drinks: Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Diet Coke. Plus pieces such as the t-shirts display the iconic Coca-Cola Contour Bottle print too.

‘I came back to buy one for my friend!’

As we’re browsing the collection, we get chatting to Ellen Jameson from Lincolnshire. She’s down in London for the day and popped into the store just to have a quick look. She’s already bought one of the Coca-Cola crop tops, and is now back to buy one for a friend as a Christmas present.

“I love the red and black colour scheme,” she says. “I saw the crop top and had to have it, but then I felt guilty because I know my best friend Sarah would also love it, so I’ve come back to buy one for her too!”

A perfect blend of brands

The collection, which includes a range for men, women and children, is the perfect blend of both brands according to Alessandro Luppi, Tezenis UK Country Manager.

“We’re so excited about this collaboration. Coca-Cola is such a well-loved and well-known brand. And every piece in the collection is amazing. So bringing all of these things together creates fantastic results. We think our fans are going to love it.”

"My favourite aspect of these pieces is that they look sporty but feel really comfortable. Plus you can dress them up or down. The red and black colours really make them stand out.”

“My favourite aspect of these pieces is that they look sporty but feel really comfortable,” says Martina Banovich, Tezenis Event Manager. “Plus you can dress them up or down. The red and black colours really make them stand out.”

Marsha Schroeder, Coca-Cola Global Licensing Manager, agrees. “We’re thrilled with the collection,” she says. “Tezenis is recognisable for its fun, young and trendy designs. We think both brands complement each other really well. We know Coca-Cola fans are going to love these pieces.”

The Tezenis x Coca-Cola collection is available now. Pick your favourite piece!