Fuze Tea’s new UK TV advert encourages consumers to take a moment out of their hectic day.

Ever feel like the days, weeks and months are merging into one another? We catapult from one thing to the next, without taking time to slow down and enjoy some quality ‘me-time’ – even if it’s only for a moment.

4 in 10 rarely get me-time

Earlier this year, Fuze Tea completed a national poll which found that 40% of Brits feel they rarely get any me-time – with any quality moments lasting a maximum 55 minutes, the shortest throughout Europe.

‘Serve yourself a little me-time’

That’s why Fuze Tea has launched a TV advert called ‘Serve yourself a little me-time’, taking the viewer straight into a hectic rush-hour setting, with fast pans and buzzing city sounds.

‘Pause for a moment with Fuze Tea’

A man is seen weaving through the busy street while a voiceover says, “When life around you gets hectic, pause for a moment with Fuze Tea”. At that moment, he stops and notices a Fuze Tea fridge next to a street newspaper stand. Upon seizing a Fuze Tea and loosening the lid, the city sounds fade out and the a soothing soundtrack Lykke Li– Time In A Bottle plays.

“We’re excited to introduce our first UK TV spot, which continues upon our insight and encourages people to switch off as they commute home.” — Christina Lecky, Senior Brand Manager, Fuze Tea

‘Mouthwatering flavours’

The world around him stops and he takes the opportunity to explore the once-busy street, appreciating the new calmness and serenity. The voiceover returns to describe the mouth-watering flavours of Fuze Tea – a delicious fusion of mango, chamomile and green tea extracts – with the ingredients fading on screen before a final message appears, encouraging the audience to enjoy a minute of calm with the unique taste of Fuze Tea.

Watch the full Fuze Tea advert ‘Serve yourself a little me-time’:

Fully-integrated campaign

The campaign will also be supported by billboard advertising (18-29 October 2018) which will target Brits during their busiest moments and encourage them to take time out of their day for much-needed relaxation.

Mobile advertising through native banner and expandable banners will launch from 1 October 2018, and digital and social content will go live across Facebook and Instagram.

Soothed by the dulcet tones of Joanna Lumley

Christina Lecky, Senior Brand Manager, Fuze Tea says research also found the time at which most people have some quality me-time is 17:05, just as they leave work and hop on their train or bus home. “Because of this insight, we surprised commuters earlier in the year on their commute home with a book reading from Joanna Lumley.”

Read more about the Joanna Lumley ‘Calm the Commute’ campaign.

“We also launched our advertising billboards targeting commuters,” says Christina. “Now we’re excited to launch burst two of our campaign and introduce our first UK TV spot, which continues upon our insight and encourages people to switch off as they commute home.”

‘Refreshingly different’

Fuze Tea is one of The Coca-Cola Company’s fastest-growing brands globally. It’s refreshingly different from your average iced tea because of the exciting fusion of the natural flavours of fruit, botanicals and tea extracts.

In the UK, Fuze Tea is available in major supermarkets and chain convenience stores nationwide in the following flavours:

  • Fuze Tea Peach Hibiscus with black tea extracts

An unexpected fusion of peach juice with a delicate taste of hibiscus and black tea extracts.

  • Fuze Tea Mango Chamomile with green tea extracts

An unexpected fusion of mango juice with a flowery hint of chamomile and green tea extracts.

Find out more about Fuze Tea.