Experience a virtual tour of a Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) factory where 116 cans and bottles are filled every second…

The Sidcup CCEP factory in south east London is where some of the nation's favourite drinks are produced, including Schweppes and Coca-Cola.

The Sidcup factory recently opened its doors to a BBC film crew to give viewers a full, 360-degree experience of the factory and find out more about how our drinks are made.

Take a tour of the CCEP Sidcup factory

5 facts about the CCEP factory in Sidcup

  1. The factory first opened in 1961 producing Schweppes mixers
  2. Coca-Cola was first produced in the factory in 1987
  3. It has seven manufacturing lines
  4. It is the only site in Great Britain to produce Powerade
  5. The Sidcup factory fills more than 7,000 bottles and cans every minute – that's 116+ every second