Diet Coke and Stylist magazine joined forces in the Creators Collective campaign – searching for the latest innovative products and companies and offering one lucky winner a £10,000 bursary, expert mentorship, plus a £10,000 advertising fund with Shortlist Media. Now the results are in…

With the goal of breaking down barriers for those starting their own business, Diet Coke and Stylist magazine teamed up for the Creators Collective campaign to help budding entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

The campaign, which launched in October 2017, had hundreds of entries from app developers to fashion designers hoping to land these unique opportunities.

  • A £10,000 bursary from Diet Coke
  • £10,000 worth of advertising with Shortlist Media Ltd
  • The chance to appear at Stylist Live 2018
  • One-to-one advice and mentoring from one of the competition’s judges: Shortlist Media Ltd founder Mike Soutar, Stylist Editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski, Coca-Cola Marketing Director Aedamar Howlett, Shortlist Media’s Senior Content Director Simon London, and Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine, the co-founders of cult jewellery brand Tatty Devine

After a long deliberation the judges narrowed down applicants to just four finalists:

  1. Studio Pia – a luxurious lingerie brand with a conscience
  2. Eight – a leave-in conditioner for Afro or curly hair with just eight ingredients
  3. Not.Corn – a healthy popcorn alternative made from sorghum grain
  4. HANX – a luxury vegan condom brand created for, and by, women

HANX showcased their unique and stylish packaging

The winner

Drumroll, please… After impressing judges with their presentation skills and business plan, HANX founders and childhood friends Sarah Welsh and Farah Kabir were announced as the overall winners.

“HANX is a lifestyle brand that is changing behaviours and ultimately creating a movement among both women and men. We are disrupting the condom industry as we know it.”
—  Sarah Welsh, HANX co-founder

HANX is a luxury vegan condom brand created for, and by, women. Gynaecologist Sarah Welsh and investment banker Farah Kabir launched their business after witnessing a rise in STIs among young women.

The condom brand, which is short for Hanky Panky, aims to encourage women to protect themselves and take control of their sexual health using 100% natural Fairtrade latex, certified by the Vegan Society.

The luxurious matte foil packaging and discreet gold lettering is intended to make the condoms a 'cult handbag item' and sets the HANX brand apart from other garishly designed alternatives marketed at men.

Designed specifically to empower women, HANX are currently being sold in ‘female-intuitive’ locations such as yoga studios, lingerie shops and on the official HANX website.

The company also offers a handy subscription service to those who choose to buy online, discreetly supplying customers right to their doors every 30 days.

“We believe that women should feel empowered to take control of their sexual health, and proud to do so. That is our mission,” says Sarah.

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