I constantly get requests from people both inside and outside the company for tours of the Archives storage space. While we do give limited tours that are considered critical for business, brand, customer or media, we can not give general tours because of staffing and logistics. 

In the past, I have pointed people to visit the World of Coca-Cola, and would still recommend that you visit if in Atlanta, where more than 1,000 of our signature artifacts are on display. If you want, you can even purchase a VIP tour where a tour guide will give you behind the scenes tour and information.

Since we can not give everyone a personal tour, with the wonders of modern web technology, I will be giving tours one row at a time on The Coca-Cola Company Facebook page via Facebook Live. We have done two of the tours so far, and it has been a blast! The first tour focused on the first row you see when you walk in the storage space. I showed off some trays, syrup urns, salesman sample coolers and a few other goodies.

The second tour focused on the design row and featured our dispensers, coolers and everyone’s favorites, the light ups!

Our goal is to do one of these every few weeks, so make sure to follow up on The Coca-Cola Company Facebook page for notice on the next live tour.

Ted Ryan is director of heritage communications at The Coca-Cola Company.