Could Britain be about to experience a baby boom, a spate of marriage proposals, promotions and pay-rises? There could be some happy consequences in store as new research from Oasis suggests we’ll hit this bank holiday weekend with an extra spring in our step...

In a survey of 2,000 adults, key findings indicated that Friday 27 May is the most upbeat day of the year, or better yet, British Peak Time’ (BPT). May is the nation’s favourite month of the year, bank holidays are the summertime events we most look forward to and, unsurprisingly, Friday is the day of the week we feel most optimistic.

"27 May is the only Friday in May before a bank holiday, leading to predicted widespread positivity and optimism across the nation."

It looks to have beaten off other contenders for ‘top 24 hours’ in the survey with a fifth of adults (19%) saying May is the month they feel most upbeat, closely followed by July (18%). Almost half (45%) reported feeling particularly positive on Fridays, followed by 19% on Saturdays. Mondays are happier than expected, with 11% citing them as a good-mood day, leaving not-so-sunny Sundays languishing last at 4.5%. With 46% listing bank holidays as the summer event they get most excited about, it seems Britain will head into the long weekend feeling bright and breezy.

“We Brits always have a refreshing take on things and these findings show our renowned cynical side, and obsession with the weather, are alive and kicking," said Oasis Senior Brand Manager, Zara Gugen. "At Oasis we like to poke a bit of fun at modern day life and put an honest lens on the world around us. In this research into the best and worst of British summertime, the nation tells it like it is.”


So why not use the window wisely – ask for a pay-rise, pop the question, bury bad news, or simply celebrate with a nice cool drink?

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