The Coca-Cola Recyclometer

The Coca-Cola Recyclometer

Find out how much energy you could save by recycling everyday household waste!

You never really get to see the difference your recycling makes. But our Recyclometer is here to make things clearer. It calculates the positive impact you make every time you recycle.

All you have to do is enter how many cans, bottles, jars, magazines and anything else you’ve put in the recycling bins this week, and the calculator will tell you how much energy would have been lost if you’d just thrown them in the regular bin.

So, for instance, recycling one 330ml aluminium can saves enough energy to power a lightbulb for two and a half hours.  If everyone in Great Britain were to recycle one can each, we’d save enough energy to power 16,916 bulbs for a year.

Go on: take a look in your recycling bin and plug its contents into the Recyclometer. There are lots more illuminating facts and figures where those came from.

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