Diet Coke’s brand ambassador, Holly Willoughby, has revealed her new look in a series of stunning newly released shots. The photos have been released to celebrate the brand’s exciting new competition – offering fans the chance to win £5,000 every day for six weeks. We spoke to Holly and her makeup artist Patsy O’Neill, about her makeover, her top beauty buys and the importance of making time for yourself.

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Fans follow you every single day on social media to find out what looks you’ve gone for – do you enjoy playing with beauty and fashion looks?

Holly: Yeah, I think we do really, I mean whatever the look is and whatever outfit I’m wearing it’s a real team effort, so hair, makeup, fashion, we all work together to decide. More so for the red carpet than This Morning.

Patsy: Holly’s open to us having new ideas, changing things up.

Holly: Well I trust them, that’s the thing. You know over the years, if they decide they want to do something that’s considered new, like if Patsy said: ‘do you want to do blue eyeliner?’, (she’s never said that, by the way!) but if she did I would totally trust her.

Patsy: You’ve got to be very careful, you’ve got to keep up with the changing times, which is no easy feat.

Take a look at Holly’s style transformation

As a busy working mum of three, what is your top beauty tip to make sure you always look good?

Holly: I think keeping it simple is the most important thing – I like finding multi-tasking products for example. I have my make-up done a lot at work, so the last thing I want to do at home is put it all on again. BB cream does a lot of things in one go – it’s high functioning, so I just whack that on! Then curling eyelashes, a bit of mascara and I’m done. Fashion wise, if you’ve got young children you’ve got to be practical.

“You can put a lot of things like moisturiser on your skin, and they do help but I think that what you’re doing is important. Sleep sleep sleep!” –  Holly Willoughby on her tip for beautiful skin

Do you prefer a natural or a glamourous look?

Holly: I prefer a natural look. I love doing glamourous makeup, but I would never do it at home. I think the natural look is easier, it’s easier to do. So, for me, the majority of the time I prefer the natural look.

Patsy, over to you. Holly is known for looking great day in day out, what would be your one beauty tip for creating a great look?

Patsy: Well I think there’s lots of things you can do that last a bit longer, things like tinted eyelashes or getting an eyelash lift, which is amazing because it just opens your eyes, so it’s a lazy way of looking good without too much effort.

Holly, you get a lot of praise for your no make-up selfies. What’s your secret to beautiful, natural skin?

Holly: Gosh, I don’t know. I think skin has a lot to do with simple things. You can put a lot of things like moisturiser on your skin and they do help, but I think that what you’re doing is important: ie sleep, sleep, sleep! Sleep is a really important thing, and I love sleep, but it’s so hard to get sleep when you’re a mum of three. You need to look after yourself and you need to have that head space to de-stress yourself, because stress comes out on your skin.

Have a few moments in the day to just process what’s going on in your head, I think you kind of glow from the inside out with those sorts of things.  

“I like finding multi-tasking beauty products. BB cream does a lot of things in one go – it’s high functioning.” –  Holly Willoughby

You wear something different every day. How do you decide what to wear and do you just trust your stylist to choose?

Holly: I do trust my stylist to choose, although I’m getting better I think. Over the years I’ve learnt from her…. If I didn’t have a stylist, I think I would wear the same shape clothes, shop in the same shops and I would stay like that for the rest of my life because I felt safe. But she tries new things and I think what she’s opened my eyes to, is that you can wear, sort of anything. You’ve just got to find the right shape and style that suits you.

I never thought I’d wear trousers ever in my life, you know. I was never going to wear trousers, it was going to be dresses and skirts and that was it, and then I was introduced into a high-waisted trouser with shirts tucked in and it literally changed my life, I loved it! But things like that I would never have done on my own.

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