As you can probably tell, at Coca-Cola Great Britain we’ve had a soft spot for polar bears ever since they became a part of our advertising.

But, the sea ice they depend on for hunting, roaming and raising cubs is melting, meaning their future is under threat. That’s why we worked with WWF and launched Arctic Home, a three-year campaign to raise money and awareness to help protect and conserve the polar bears’ habitat.

We’re into the third year now, and we still need your help.

Please show your support and donate. Your money will contribute directly towards the following six areas:

  • Tracking polar bear mothers
  • Monitoring polar bear den sites 
  • Mapping polar bears’ future habitat
  • Co-existing in the Arctic
  • Educating on threats from industry
  • Preserving the Arctic food chain 

Climate change is causing the Arctic to warm at twice the global average, so it’s not just the polar bears’ habitat that’s changing, but ours too. Sea ice is Earth’s natural water cooler, reflecting the sun’s heat to regulate the planet’s temperature, but over the past 35 years this frosty expanse has decreased in size by 3.5 million sq km.

Watch the video below to learn more about the plight of the polar bears and how you can play your part in the Arctic Home campaign.