What do you get when you get together University of Portsmouth students, add Coca-Cola, combine with live performances from renowned chart artists AND throw in a pile end-of term revision notes? The answer: one massive shred party!

As a student at Portsmouth Uni, I was excited when I heard that the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union had partnered up with Coca-Cola Great Britain to hold a ‘Shred Party’ for students. It was about celebrating the end the year – as well as saying a friendly goodbye to a stressful exam season.

Portsmouth Uni students having fun at the Coca-Cola Shred Party

What is the Coca-Cola Portsmouth Uni Shred Party?
A Shred Party is where you literally shred your old notes. Out with the old – in with the new. It was held at the heart of Portsmouth’s student life – the Students’ Union. Joining the end of year celebrations were live performances from renowned chart artists: Jax Jones, Mabel, Ramz and Raye, in front of almost 2,000 students. The twist? Students had bring with them two plastic bottles to recycle and old revision notes to shred in return for free entry (and two free Coca-Cola cocktails, yum).

100% recyclable
Although 100% of Coca-Cola Great Britain’s products are 100% recyclable, they’re often thrown away after one use, without much thought of where it ends up. With the amount of plastic we use in our modern lives, it’s increasingly hard to ignore the largescale impact this has on our natural environment when not disposed of properly.

Coca-Cola Great Britain is committed to extending the lives of their products by encouraging consumers to recycle them so they don’t end up as litter or in landfill. All the notes and bottles at shredded at the party were recycled to create new notebooks and new plastic bottles – to start the cycle once again.

Students at the Portsmouth University Shred Party shredding Coca-Cola bottles, which will later be recycled

What was Shred Party like?
When I first walked into Shred Party, I immediately felt positive and excited vibes all around. I was happy to see how many students who bought their plastic bottles to recycle and were busy using recycling bins provided by Coca-Cola Great Britain. Did you know that even the plastic cap and label on Coca-Cola’s bottles are 100% recyclable?

Jax Jones at the Coca-Cola Shred Party

Many students were thrilled that The Students’ Union were involved with Coca-Cola Great Britain. Especially as we were being given the opportunity to see our favourite artists live, have a great time with friends, get rid of our old revision notes AND do something good for the environment! What better way to recycle our old notes but to put them in a massive shredder?

Say goodbye to exams (and hope you don’t have resits): Some of the notes being shredded at the Coca-Cola Shred Party

Throughout the night, I spoke to attendees of Shred Party about what they were most excited about of the night and their views on Coca-Cola Great Britain’s commitment to encourage more people to recycle their products. 

Portsmouth Uni student, George is getting into the party spirit

George, 23: “How good is it that we get to do this at end of the year? I’m most excited for Ramz, ‘cause he’s from Portsmouth Uni!”

Portsmouth Uni student, Charlotte said the Shred Party offers a ‘positive message’

Charlotte, 21: “I think all of the collaborations like Jax and Raye is pretty exciting really. I think it’s gonna be great how we’ve got new talent, particularly with Ramz coming on stage as well, and I’ve also heard we’ve got a big a surprise appearance coming on!”

“I think it’s a brilliant that Coca-Cola are trying to encourage students to recycle all of their notes by shredding. It’s such a positive message and it’s also encouraging freshers when they start in September. It’s all really exciting!”

Portsmouth Uni assistant bar manager Becky: ‘We recycle all of our plastic and glass bottles’ 

Becky, 23: “I’m the assistant manager of the bar here and we’re quite into things like biodegradable straws and everything like that and we recycle all of our plastic and glass bottles. We’ve got recycling bins to make sure recycling’s available for everyone.”

At the end of the night, the surprise guest was revealed: Big Shaq!

What does Coca-Cola’s sustainability pledge mean for the future?
As an individual who has always been conscious about recycling and finding ways to reduce my carbon footprint, I truly believe that celebrated companies like Coca-Cola Great Britain who have taken it upon themselves to address the plastic problem is a promising step in the right direction to reduce harmful environmental pollution.

By showing how easy it is to recycle, step-by-step, people can begin to make more greener decisions and promote the message of better sustainable living.

Find out more about the lifecycle of a Coca-Cola bottle


Hayley Turner-McIntyre is a student at the University of Portsmouth studying Sociology and Media Studies. Her favourite hobby is writing and her goal is to become a journalist once she graduates.