Local residents in Swansea got some much-needed colour this summer, with hand-painted murals decorating local parks and greenspaces thanks to a community project led by Fresh Murals and ParkLives.

Young people from all over Swansea took part in a series of workshops, organised by ParkLives and Fresh Murals, a small company who specialise in painting murals on any scale, to brighten up their local area with 'park art'. Over the course of six sessions, containing around ten to thirty participants, and lasting about two hours each, the groups created some standout pieces which are currently on display. 

ParkLives is a long-term programme of daily fun and free activities that encourages people across the UK to get outdoors and enjoy the parks and green spaces in their local community. It offers a range of different activity sessions available for everyone and this year it’s operating in parks across ten cities nationwide, and a further 35 more locations through a partnership with our sports charity partner, StreetGames.

Find out more and register at: http://www.parklives.com