Last month the Coca-Cola system joined a number of businesses at the Milan Expo 2015 to showcase some of the UK’s latest developments in creativity and innovation. Inside the UK Pavilion, which stays open until 31 October, the Coca-Cola system is exploring three of the company’s values: localness, active healthy lifestyles, and protecting the environment, and linking this to the production, consumption and recycling of its bottles in the United Kingdom.

The pavilion, nicknamed the ‘beehive’, a metaphor for the nation’s “blooming” source of talent, has been designed by Wolfgang Buttress, an artist from Nottingham, in collaboration with engineer Tristan Simmonds and Manchester-based architectural practice BDP. It pulsates and reproduces the buzz of a real bee colony, while the light source inside is powered by 1000+ LED, the same source used to illuminate a giant Contour Bottle lamp inside, made from 840 Coca-Cola bottles.

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