To celebrate the launch of organic bottled herbal tea brand, Honest, we gather bloggers and tea aficionados at a pop-up event in London’s Shoreditch. Here we try a tasty tipple of the three new drinks while having a chat with the founder...

Among miniature orange trees and fragrant pots of lemon balm, we’re taste-testing the new range of low-calorie organic drinks from Honest. We’re sipping from deliciously chilled bottles of Honest herbal tea while sitting in the afternoon sun. The pop-up is in an uber-trendy bike café in London’s Shoreditch and the atmosphere is relaxed and intimate. Everyone seems a little intrigued.

Joining us are some of some of the UK’s biggest tea fans; bloggers who spend their spare time researching and writing about tea. All for the love of a good brew.

"Honest is the first organic range of drinks launched by Coca-Cola in the UK"

Fresh insights, fresh ideas

The co-founder and ‘TeaEO’ of Honest, Seth Goldman, welcomes us to the event. He’s keen to explain his mission-driven ethos. “When we started Honest we knew it had to be organic,” says Seth. “But our drinks also have to be driven by taste. You can get someone to try something once because it’s good for their health or because it’s organic, but you keep them through taste.

Co-founder and ‘TeaEO’ of Honest, Seth Goldman with a group of tea fans and bloggers

“It’s a period of unprecedented change for the food and drink industry,” says Seth. “This means food and drink needs to be simpler, more authentic with pure ingredients and transparent supply chains.”

Seth believes that authenticity, transparency and simplicity are crucial for Honest. “We want to connect people to nature, offer them healthier drinks and have a positive impact on the communities that we source our ingredients from. We always say to people: ‘Keep us honest, if you ever see us backing down from our values, let us know’.” 

Read more about Seth’s vision in his blog.

Refreshing low-calorie drinks

Made in the UK and certified organic by the Soil Association, the three drinks contains organic certified ingredients, including brewed herbal tea, organic cane sugar and organic fruit juice concentrates.

Each drink contains brewed organic herbal tea – either hibiscus, lemon balm or lemon myrtle, depending on which one you choose.

The range currently includes:

  • Lemon Flavoured Herbal Tea with Honey – lemon myrtle
  • Orange and Mango Flavoured Herbal Tea – hibiscus 
  • Pomegranate and Blueberry Flavoured Herbal Tea – lemon balm

Plus, all three Honest drinks are being launched in the PlantBottle™ Package, which contains 22.5% renewable material from sugar cane and 25% recycled content.

“I really enjoyed the Lemon Flavoured Herbal Tea with Honey – it’s really light and tasty. Perfect in the sunshine."

So how does it taste? We did a mini taste-test with some of the bloggers and writers at the event to find out if any of the range tickled their tastebuds...

“The Orange and Mango is my favourite,” says Kitty Cowell, who runs her own lifestyle blog on everything from food to fashion. “I really love orange and mango anyway, but it’s lighter than normal orange and mango juice. So it’s perfect for the summer.”

“I love the Lemon-Flavoured Tea with Honey,” says Natasha Colyer, who’s the editor of Seen in the City, a London-based lifestyle magazine. “It’s really refreshing and tasty. I could see myself drinking it regularly.”

Cuppa Coasters blogger, Marisa Davies, agrees. “I really enjoyed the lemon-flavoured one – it’s really light and tasty – perfect in the sunshine.”

“I liked the Pomegrante & Blueberry best,” says Rachael Kinsella, who writes the blog, Tea with Rachael. “I like its fruity sweetness, but it’s not too sweet and it’s not artificial sweetness, so you don’t feel guilty about drinking it.”

Which is Seth’s favourite? “I love them all!” He says, smiling.

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