Oasis drinks are back with the next instalment of their #RefreshingStuff campaign, a tongue-in-cheek, refreshingly honest parody of the world of marketing. Because as the brand boasts: ‘we’re about sales, not saintliness’.

Poking fun at the latest trend for worthy, heart-warming, all-shapes-and-sizes advertising, Oasis have launched their Togetherness ad campaign that centres around an Oasis bottle with a difference. In the classic Summer Fruits flavour, it’s a bottle like no other, with an eyebrow raising ‘double-ended neck’ encouraging people to literally drink together.

Marketing-tired audience

Appealing to a marketing-tired audience, the new creative from Oasis subverts the conventions of feel-good advertising as we know it, poking fun at the ‘holier than thou’ tone of recent brand campaigns through a refreshingly honest spin.

The Togetherness ads will run on out of home posters and online content from 4 June and in cinemas from 25 May 2018, specifically before blockbuster showings for relevance and maximum quality impact.

‘Soft drinks won’t save the world’

Gemma Barnett, UK Stills Portfolio Manager, says: “At Oasis drinks, we know that soft drinks aren’t going to save the world, so we wanted to remind people that we’re not taking ourselves too seriously. Instead, we are aiming to quench thirst one delicious sip of Oasis at a time.”

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