22 April 2016: Earlier this year we announced that our “one brand” marketing strategy would be going global with a new creative campaign, and today we’re excited to reveal the new packaging in Great Britain.

The new “One Brand” packaging graphics were revealed at a launch event in Mexico on Monday night and will be available in stores in Mexico the first week of May. Similar versions of the Red Disc graphics will roll out into additional markets around the world throughout 2016 and into 2017.

The packaging change is designed to help people make informed choices, by clearly identifying the name and benefits of each variant on the front of pack. The signature colour of each variant will also feature throughout the packs – red for Coca-Cola Classic, black for Coca-Cola Zero, silver for Diet Coke and green for Coca-Cola Life.

You can expect to see the new packaging in-store later this year, starting with the launch of a new and improved sugar-free variant, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar