The Coca-Cola range now has a new look! Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have…

What’s changing?
First thing’s first: the taste isn’t changing
. We’re introducing a new look across the Coca-Cola range, which includes Coca-Cola original taste and Coca-Cola zero sugar. We’re hoping this will help unify the range with the Coca-Cola signature red colour to make it even clearer that, whichever you choose, you’ll get the great Coca-Cola taste and experience you know and love – with or without sugar.

As part of the changes you’ll see the iconic red of Coca-Cola more prominent on our no sugar version and we’re changing Coca-Cola classic to Coca-Cola original taste to remind people they can still enjoy the original Coca-Cola launched in 1886.

From September onwards, all Coca-Cola drinks will be in full red packaging with a distinctive, coloured band across the top of the bottle or can shows which one they are.

This includes:

Coca-Cola Original Taste (Classic)
Coca-Cola zero sugar
Coca-Cola zero sugar Cherry
Coca-Cola zero Sugar Peach
Coca-Cola zero Sugar Vanilla

What will change and when will the new packaging be seen on shelves?
The new packs will enter stores from 20 August 2018 onwards and will be phased in to all customers over several weeks. We have already made the changes to the 2-litre bottles of Coca-Cola zero sugar and on the new Coca-Cola zero sugar flavours.

Are all Coca-Cola packs included?
– these changes will be made across all bottles and cans.

What’s the reason behind this change?
We want to introduce a more consistent look and feel and make it clearer to people they can expect the great Coca-Cola taste and experience they know and love – whether they chose original taste or zero sugar.

Since launching Coca-Cola zero sugar in 2016 here in Great Britain, it is now the fastest growing no-sugar cola in the UK. More than half of the Coca-Cola we sell is no sugar. We think this latest change will help to encourage even more people to give it a try.

What about Diet Coke?
Diet Coke is not changing. The changes only apply to Coca-Cola Original Taste and zero sugar and the flavours within those variants. As well as being part of the Coca-Cola family, Diet Coke is a much-loved brand in its own right and has a very loyal fan base, so we felt that it was right for Diet Coke to continue to have its own look and feel.

Aren’t people going to pick up a Coca-Cola by mistake?
We’ve tested the new pack designs with consumers and the reaction has been positive. People like the new design and find the coloured band helps them identify the variant they are looking for. As well as the label, the cap on our 500ml bottles will also clearly identify the variant with black caps on zero sugar and red caps on original taste. To support the launch we have a £5 million marketing campaign to raise awareness of the new packaging design.

Why don’t you move Coke Zero Sugar back into a black can?
Since we relaunched Coca-Cola zero sugar in 2016, making it look and taste even more like Coca-Cola original taste, it is now the fastest growing no-sugar cola in UK retail and today more than half of the Coca-Cola we sell is no sugar. 

Why have you not renamed Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Coca-Cola no sugar like some countries have?
The name Coca-Colazero sgar is well-known amongst UK consumers, so we’ll continue to call the drink Coca-Cola zero sugar here.

Will you be reducing the sugar in Coca-Cola Classic?
We’ve no plans to change the recipe of Coca-Cola original taste – consumers love the taste and tell us they don’t want us to change it. For people looking for the great taste of Coca-Cola without the sugar we offer Coca-Cola zero sugar. We hope the changes we’re making will make more people aware of the choice that we offer.

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