Last week saw the launch of a nifty new mobile app from Coca-Cola Freestyle, the touchscreen-operated fountain dispenser which allows its user to choose from more than 100 different brands and create a concoction of carbonated (and still) soft drinks.

The free app, available to download on iOS and Android devices, lets users cycle through some of The Coca-Cola Company’s best-loved brands that are available on the machine, and then create, name, save and share their favourite mixes via Facebook and Twitter. Already a hit in the U.S. with over 1.1 million downloads, it’s one of the company’s most successful apps to-date.

For its UK debut, a selection of bloggers, vloggers and Freestyle fans were invited to be the first to try the new app and experience the endless possibilities of drink choices at an exclusive pop-up shop on Soho’s Greek Street in London. After a quick demo, and little persuasion, guests were encouraged to pour their own individually blended beverages before taking part in a blind taster session, where bartenders served up surprise cocktails and asked volunteers to guess the flavours.

View Photos from the Freestyle Pop-up

“The World of Choice pop-up was a great success,” said Mabelle Abi Ramia, Coca-Cola Freestyle Marketing & Project Planner for Western Europe. “Hundreds of attendees turned up to try the new app and use the Freestyle machines, while sharing their photos on social media to enter our #AcedTheTaste competition.”

For those who in the past have had difficulty tracking down their nearest Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, the app also comes with a location finder, as well as location-based special offers. Meanwhile, users can avoid holding up a queue by using the app to scan a QR code on the machine, which brings up their favourite drinks and saved mixes.

Aced The Taste Competition

Think you've got a winning mix? Enter it into Coca-Cola Freestyle's #acedthetaste competition for a chance to see it published in a paperback book, and win 10 tickets to Vue cinema. Just download the app and share your recipe on social media by clicking ‘share this mix’, along with the hashtag. View full T&Cs here.

Check out some of these tried and tested combinations from Freestyle fans.


Lauren (left) chooses: Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla, Schweppes Fruit Punch Lemonade, Fanta Grape 

Natalie (right) recommends: Coca-Cola Raspberry, Sprite Zero Grape and Fanta Strawberry



Sebastian (left) recommends: Coca-Cola Vanilla, Fanta Orange and Dr Pepper

Peter (right) recommends: Dr Pepper Zero, Powerade Lemon and Coca-Cola Zero Orange



Aaron (left) recommends: Coca-Cola Cherry, Diet Coke Lime, Schweppes Raspberry Lemonade

Casey (right) recommends: Fanta Still Peach, Sprite Zero Vanilla, Caffeine-Free Diet Coke



Moses recommends: Coca-Cola Zero Lemon, Fanta Fruit Punch, Schweppes Diet Cloudy Lemonade



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