With Christmas not far away, we asked our Coca-Cola Collectors to share some of their festive favourites to help spread the seasonal spirit. From boxed beauties to advent packaging and Coke bottles from far-away lands, it’s inspiring stuff…

Bert: Rare boxed bottle

Coca- Cola Collectors Christmas - Bert
The bottle was a press gift in the Netherlands

Bert Schuurink is a Field Sales Manager at our bottler Coca-Cola European Partners in the Netherlands - a dream role for a Coca-Cola Collector!

"My favourite Coca-Cola Christmas item is this aluminium Coke bottle. These were sent out to the press in the Netherlands, along with the tour dates for the Coca-Cola Christmas truck in 2009," says Bert.

"I especially love the box, as it’s very rare."

Rebecca: Set of festive bottles from Belgium

Coca- Cola Collectors Christmas - Rebecca
The glass bottles are wrapped with festive images

Rebecca Taylor has been a Coca-Cola Collector since 2012, but she first fell in love with the Coca-Cola Christmas adverts when she was a child. 

"There’s one item in my collection that always gets me looking forward to Christmas," says Rebecca. "It’s a set of three Belgian glass bottles from 2013. The Santa Claus design is the same one you find on the back of the Coca-Cola truck."

"For me, these bottles really make Christmas come alive in a magical way."

"For me, these bottles really make Christmas come alive in a magical way. They’re part of the Christmas decorations in my house, and every time I look at them it brings me back to being a child again and seeing the ‘Holidays Are Coming’ advert on TV."

Roberto: A whole Christmas collection

Coca- Cola Collectors Christmas - Roberto
Roberto’s Christmas collection is lovingly curated

Roberto Arambillet lives in Uruguay, South America, and has travelled all over the world in pursuit of his Coca-Cola collection hobby. He’s been collecting for 11 years so far.

In his eleven years of collecting, Roberto has gathered all kinds of Christmas pieces. “It is very hard to choose which item is my favorite… each of them represents a story, a moment, a place,” he says. “We treasure these holiday items in our collections, because they bring back great memories.”

"All of them share the same spirit of bringing joy to every home at Christmas. That feeling is always there with Coca-Cola, and it’s why I’m passionate about the company.”

“There is a simple plastic cup from Uruguay 2003 that tells the Santa Claus story and its relationship with Coca-Cola. There are also items from the USA, a series of six aluminium bottles from 2015 with all the names of Santa’s reindeers, and glass bottle collections from right back to the 80s,” he says, namechecking just a few of his star pieces.

“I have Christmas items from Turkey, Germany, Argentina and Brazil (like the bottle with Santa inside). They are made of PET, glass and aluminum, with bottles and cans of different sizes from campaigns like 'Always Coca-Cola' or 'Share a Coke' but all of them share the same spirit of bringing joy to every home at Christmas. That feeling is always there with Coca-Cola, and it’s why I’m passionate about the company.”

Dave: Advent book with Bow Bottle

Coca- Cola Collectors Christmas - Dave
Is it a book? Is it a calendar? No, it’s both!

Dave Allen has been collecting for an amazing 30 years. He specialises in vintage advertising and also has a soft spot for bottles and cans from the UK and Ireland.

"This is my favourite festive Coca-Cola item, even though it’s only from 2013" says Dave, who has collectables dating back to the 1960s.

"At first it looks like a book, but when you open the first section you find an advent calendar. Then you turn the page to find one of the most iconic Haddon Sundblom Santa adverts from 1963."

"Flip the page again and you discover a glass bottle of Coca-Cola with a special label that turns in to a bow when you pull the ribbon on it."

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Daniel: Santa Claus wrap bottle from Croatia

Coca- Cola Collectors Christmas - Dan
Slimline Santa: the elegant bottle

Daniel Morris is a UK Coke Collector with a special love for shrink-wrapped bottles.

"This one is from Croatia,’ says Daniel, who has collected bottles from almost every country in the world."

"I love the image of Santa on it and the eye-catching colours. It is much taller and slimmer than UK bottles so it really stands out."

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