Over the coming months we’ll be working with four bloggers who will help spread our message on the importance of recycling. Together they’ll take on an upcycling challenge, ask our experts at Coca-Cola the questions that matter most to them and much more. But first, let’s meet the parents…

Jamie Day, A Day In The Life Dad

What's your blog about?

It's about my experience as a modern-day dad. It's quite light-hearted – covering my adventures with my kids, funny stories about things that go wrong and ultimately, not taking things too seriously.

Introduce us to your family...

I'm married to Georgia, who's a journalist and we have two children. There's Edie, who's five and Arlo who's two. Edie is quite shy but very artistic – she loves to draw, whereas Arlo is very loud and charismatic and will bowl into any room.

Why did you want to partner with Coca-Cola Great Britain?

Recycling is very important to us as a family, so I think it’s great that Coca-Cola is using the power of their brand to encourage people to recycle.

Do you have any recycling tips for busy parents?

If you follow my blog or Instagram, you may think that our lifestyle is very clean and neat – but if you were to look in the boot of our car you'd find a box full of rubbish for recycling! This is because when you're out and about, a lot of the time there are just black bins for general rubbish, and sometimes no recycling bins. So, we'll take our recycling with us, then chuck it in the boot and recycle it when we get home.

Jo Middleton, Slummy Single Mummy

What’s your blog about?

When I started it back in 2009 it had more of a parent-focus, but now my daughters have grown up they've become less keen for me to write about them! My blog now encompasses lots of different things, including: lifestyle, travel, food and finance. 

Introduce us to your family...

I've got two daughters. My eldest daughter is called Bee and she's 22 and lives with her boyfriend in Bath. My youngest daughter, Belle is 15. I also have three cats called Endeavour, Humphrey and Camille.

Why did you want to partner with Coca-Cola

I've worked with Coca-Cola in the past. I went on a factory tour in Vietnam to find out more about the sustainability work Coke was doing there, including water stewardship. It was great to learn about that side of the business.

With massive businesses like Coke it's easy to think that they're either going to be caring companies that give back to the community OR a big profitable business. What I learnt from that trip was that actually you can be both.

Do you have any tips for busy families when it comes to recycling?

As with most things, it's about making it as easy as possible. I make sure I have somewhere specific in the kitchen for my recycling. In the past, I've kept it outside and it just doesn't work – it builds up as an untidy stack of stuff on the side because you don't want to go out in the rain. So, making sure you have a dedicated place definitely helps.

Katie Ellison, Mummy, Daddy, Me

What's your blog about?

A family lifestyle blog, which has become more and more a diary of our lives.

Introduce us to your family...

There's five of us. There's my husband John, and we've been together for 12 or 13 years (I'm not 100% sure!) and married for 8.5 years. We've got three little ones: we've got Maddie, who's 7 and crazy, Lottie who's 5 and chilled, and Wren who's two and really affectionate. 

What's your recycling tip?

We try to encourage the children to recycle by making it as easy as possible. We have different coloured bins so the kids know which one to put plastic in and which one to put cardboard in, for example.

If you could get people to change one habit, what would it be?

I think it's important to think about whether or not you need to buy things wrapped in a lot of packaging. For example, we try to buy things like vegetables without plastic wrapping. There's no need for things like peppers to be wrapped in plastic. 

Harriet Shearsmith, TobyandRoo.com

What's your blog about?

It's a parenting and lifestyle blog, which celebrates the wins and woes of parenting. 

Introduce us to your family...

I have Edith, who's three – she's my youngest (and feistiest!). I have Toby, who's five and is most certainly the cheekiest. Reuben is my eldest, he's seven. And then there's my husband Adam.

The one thing I'd like people to do is...

Not use plastic straws. Particularly in restaurants. Instead maybe fill up a beaker for your child. We all carry beakers for our children, but we rarely take them out at restaurants and say: "Could you put the drink in this please?" And instead that means you end up having to ask for a straw. It's surprising how many restaurants still don't have any alternatives to plastic straws, such as: paper or reusable straws.

My top recycling tip for families is…

Keep your recycling bins in a convenient place. If you have to trek outside every time to put something in recycling your children aren't going to do this and you're not going to bother -- it's far easier to throw things in the bin.

Plus, I think it’s about being more mindful about reusing products instead of just throwing things away. It’s so easy to throw things away and just buy another one, whereas a lot of stuff is reusable.

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