Here at Coca-Cola we know that “Thirst Knows No Season”, so we’ve scoured our archives to bring you five new and surprising brand facts to add to your knowledge bank. From pop culture cameos to very expensive chewing gum, expect the unexpected…

Fact 1: Our bottle was designed to be recognised in the dark, or from a broken piece

From the very beginning, Coca-Cola was made to stand-out from the crowd. That’s not to say we got it ‘right’ first go (we did our fair share of experimenting, from a cocoa bean and diamond-shaped labels to amber-coloured bottles), but we recognised that we had to differentiate ourselves from other ‘copycat’ brands.

In 1915, looking to rebrand, we approached Indiana’s Root Glass Company to help create our vision. The main objective? To design a bottle so unique that it would be instantly recognisable. The Root Glass Company took up this challenge – and they delivered. Swapping the straight-sided bottle for a contoured shape, they devised a bottle that could be identified by touch in the dark, and even from a broken piece on the ground!

Waterford Crystal Coca-Cola bottle

Our efforts didn’t go unnoticed. In 1977 our contoured bottle was granted registration as a trademark by the United States Patent Office, a rare distinction for packaging.

Fact 2: “Delicious and Refreshing” is our longest-running slogan

We’ve had many catchy slogans over our nearly 130-year history, but “Delicious and Refreshing” still remains our longest-running to-date. Simple and direct, those three words appeared on our very first published ad in 1886 and almost every subsequent ad or piece of merchandise (trays, clocks, you name it) until 1920.

It’s also a highly coveted part of Coca-Cola history. At the biggest-ever Schmidt Museum auction of Coca-Cola memorabilia in 2011, the 1897 “Victorian Girl” serving tray, so-rare-even-we-don’t-have-one-in-our-archives and one of only two in existence, sold for a mind-blowing $109,250 (£83,846)!

Fact 3: Coca-Cola Chewing Gum was once a thing

Yes, really! Available during the early 1900s, and distributed through the Franklin-Caro Company, Coca-Cola chewing gum came in spearmint, peppermint and wintergreen flavours. While it may have had a short-run (by 1925 the product was discontinued), the gum is still highly sought after today.

In fact, a stick of Coca-Cola chewing gum can set you back a whopping $1,300 (£997)!* Even though it’s well past its use-by date, and the packaging might be discoloured due to age, the 3-inch stick of gum remains a collector’s item, and a very valuable one at that.

*Sold in September, 2011 through Morphy Auctions Premier Advertising.

Fact 4: Coca-Cola has been working with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) for over a decade!

Back in 2007, we teamed up with WWF to help protect and preserve vital ecosystems, while integrating and embedding sustainability into our worldwide operations. Since then we’ve helped farmers adopt more sustainable practices, improved over 7km of river way, replenished over 1.2b litres of clean water back to the environment, and joined forces with Kent Wildlife Trust to restore Kent’s ancient fenland, which is home some of the rarest plants and animals in the UK.

Our partnership has instigated some amazing work in the UK and helped start important conversations around sustainability. You can find out lots more about our partnership here.

And remember: all of our drink packaging is fully recyclable. As part of our 2020 sustainability goals, we’re working to improve water efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint of the drink in your hand, sustainably source key agricultural ingredients and create more innovative packaging that’s better for the environment. You can find out more here.

Fact 5: The final scene in Mad Men was inspired by a Coca-Cola ad

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? It’s safe to say that the final scene on the finale of the hugely popular television series, Mad Men, was inspired by our “Hilltop” commercial – the “best ad ever made” according to series creator and director, Matthew Weiner.

The famed ad, that upon its release had listeners calling radio stations begging to hear it, is quite literally the last image Mad Men audiences are left with before a fade to black, with Don Draper meditating on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean in California.

Mad Men Coca-Cola Hilltop Advert

A still from Coca-Cola's 'Hilltop' advert, featured in the final scene of the final episode of Mad Men.

Hardcore advertising fans would also have noticed that the jingle “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” was the brainchild of Bill Backer at McCann Erickson, the very same ad agency that acquires Draper’s firm in Mad Men’s final season. What’s more, as eagle-eyed viewers pointed out, the receptionist in the final episode is similarly outfitted to a woman in the Coca-Cola ad – ribboned braid and all!

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