Coca-Cola GB’s inspirational film, ‘How To Win A Rugby World Cup’ gets its punchy, upbeat feeling from a motivational soundtrack created by Pink Zebra, featuring vocals from Benji Jackson.

‘Larger Than Life’ is a song about aspirations and accomplishments, and the lyrics explore the thrill of chasing your dreams, and the desire to achieve all you’ve ever wanted. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a film that shows the magic of a rugby ball, and the excitement that builds up to the Rugby World Cup 2015.

Read the full lyrics to ‘Larger Than Life’ and watch the film below:

Here’s your story, let’s begin
The water’s fine, come on dive in
The future’s here, it’s right before your eyes

Step by step you’re on your way
Welcome to a brighter day
Don’t you know, it feels good to be alive

You could be larger than life
Bigger than the world
Living out the hopes and dreams
Of every boy and every girl
You could fly higher than the sky
Shine brighter than the stars
You could have all you ever wanted
Shoot the moon and reach for Mars
You know you could