Katie Piper has teamed up with organic fruit drink Honest kids to urge more families to visit their local farms and get back in touch with where their food and drink comes from.

Author, philanthropist, TV presenter and mother, Katie Piper has donned her wellies to team up with organic fruit drink, Honest Kids, and spend a glorious summer day on an organic fruit farm. Together with a group of children – who’d never been on a farm before – Katie went to discover how apples, grapes and berries are grown (as well as picking some for a picnic later…).

This visit is the result of recent research from Honest Kids, which reveals that many children have no idea where their fruit comes from. This includes more than a fifth of UK children who don’t know that apples grow on trees, 50% of all children not knowing that blackcurrants grow on bushes and 90% of children being unaware bananas grow on banana plants.

The research found that that more than a quarter of children had never visited a farm before. Plus, 40% don’t know what an orchard is and one third have never picked their own fruit.

“It’s really refreshing as a busy mother of two to find a product like Honest Kids that’s so simply made with just water and organic fruit juice.” — Katie Piper

Katie and Honest Kids are keen to encourage families to get back to nature and visit some of the country’s wonderful farms and orchards and pick their own picnics to enjoy together.

A pick-your-own fruit picnic is a great summer activity to do together as a family,” says Katie. “It’s a fun way to re-engage with nature, while also learning a little more about where our food comes from.”

Katie Piper gets British children swapping their flipflops for farming boots. The kids were visiting a fruit farm.

Honest Kids brand ambassador Katie Piper surprises a group of children with their first ever visit to a farm

Keeping kids occupied during the summer holidays

As a busy working mother of two small daughters, what advice does Katie have to keep kids occupied through the holidays? “Kids are usually climbing up the walls in the summer holidays! That’s why I think ‘pick your own picnic’ is such a great idea,” says Katie. “And it means you can totally multitask, for example:

  1. it gets everyone out the house
  2. you can pick lots of yummy organic fruit
  3. you can talk to them about what they’re eating, so they can learn
  4. you’re all spending quality family time together
  5. you can go home and you can cook with it all!

“Talking to children about the fruit you’re eating together opens up all different conversations that can only be positive.” 

Learn by doing

Katie spoke to the children about where they think their fruit comes from – was she surprised at what they did and didn’t know? “I was quite shocked that they’d never been to a farm before. All the children knew which fruits they were fans of and which fruits they didn’t like but they didn't necessarily know whether it had grown from the ground, or on a tree, or from a bush,” says Katie.

“I suppose years ago, that's what we did on the school holidays or the weekends: we went to farms and spent far more time outdoors because we didn't have tablets and mobiles phones, so we were more outdoorsy.

“I love that Honest Kids is organic and made with real fruit juice.”  — Katie Piper, Honest Kids brand ambassador

“Maybe it is a reminder, to sort of get that balance, you don't have to disregard one or the other, but try and engage in an equal amount.”

What’s been the best bit about the day for her? “It’s been really fun, but also educational,” she said. “If I sat the kids down with a book and read all that info to them they might have listened, but I wonder if they’d have remembered it the next day?

“Whereas here at the farm, they’ve touched, felt and smelt. They’ve really seen the process of making juice and picking berries. I think they’ll always remember this day. And if you think back to your own childhood, your memories are of physical things.”

‘Why I love Honest Kids…’

“It’s really refreshing as a busy mother of two to find a product like Honest Kids that’s so simply made with just water and organic fruit juice – perfect for on-the-go refreshment during the hectic summer months,” says Katie.

“I also love that Honest Kids is organic and made with real fruit juice. My daughter, Belle, really likes Berry Berry Good Juice it because it’s a lovely drink and it tastes delicious – and most importantly: she’ll drink it and enjoy it!” says Katie. “I think it is kind of a 50/50 thing of meeting your kids halfway – with what they want from it, and as a parent what you want from it.” 

As a brand ambassador Katie will be appearing with Honest Kids at the Go! Organic Festival on 8 September at Battersea Park, London.