We’re back with more Coca-Cola trivia to help you liven up any conversation…

Here at Coca-Cola, we’re all about sharing moments – preferably over one of our refreshing drinks. And, because we’ve been around awhile (132 years to be exact), we’ve got plenty of moments to share.

From partnering with the Olympics, to unveiling iconic, innovative designs, there’s a vault of Coca-Cola trivia out there for you to drop into conversation and amaze your friends, family and even strangers! To prove it, here’s another round of incredible drink facts for you to enjoy this summer...

Fact 1: Coca-Cola used to cost a few pennies

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Back in 1886, when Coca-Cola first hit the market, you could buy a 6.5 oz bottle (184ml) of Coke for a very reasonable five cents US (about 3p). In fact, this modest price remained fixed for over 70 years! Pretty impressive considering the events that occurred during the period; World War I, Prohibition, changing taxes, a caffeine and caramel shortage, and World War II to name just a few.

While prices may have increased since then, a can or bottle of Coca-Cola is still one of the most affordable drinks on the market. The proof is in the pudding: during the first year of Coca-Cola, sales averaged a modest nine servings per day in Atlanta. Today, daily servings of Coca-Cola beverages are estimated at 1.9 billion globally. A remarkable achievement by anyone’s reckoning!

Fact 2: Fanta’s designer bottle

Not to be outdone by our iconic contour Coca-Cola bottle, Fanta – our second-largest soft drink brand in the world – has more than a few of its own claims to fame. Fanta’s bottle was designed by none other than legendary industrial designer, Raymond Loewy. Ever the prolific overachiever, Loewy submitted around 30 designs – both for the Fanta bottle and the logo – which he presented to Coca-Cola. It was a tough decision, but in the end we selected the now-globally recognisable ringed bottle, bearing the Loewy ‘twin-peak’ logo design on the shoulder.

In 1960 Fanta hit the market and the rest, as they say, is history. With its bold new look, complemented by its fantastic taste, Fanta was a hit, with Fanta Orange becoming the biggest-selling flavour by 1969 – and it’s remained so ever since! So what has changed? Well, we’ve now got a whole range of fun, fruity flavours such as Grape and Fruit Twist, zero-sugar options and – in Japan – even frozen slushie varieties!

Fact 3: We have more than more than 1,100 low-or no-sugar drinks worldwide!

Coca-Cola Low Sugar Alternatives

Did you know that many of our brands are available in reduced and no-sugar options? For over a decade, the Coca-Cola Company has been exploring new ways to cut back on sugar without compromising on the great taste you know and love.

Working with our team of experts and nutritionists, we’ve refined our recipes to help consumers make more informed choices; Coca-Cola zero sugar, Stevia-sweetened drinks, organic kids and sports drinks, clearer nutritional labels, a handy 150ml mini can… these are just some of our awesome developments, and we’ve got plenty more in the pipeline!

Fact 4: Coca-Cola's Olympic Games heritage stretches back to 1928

We’ve been proud partners of the Olympic Games for nearly a century! It all began when the enterprising Robert W. Woodruff, then CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, introduced the beverage at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. A freight ship was sent over carrying Team USA and a thousand cases of Coca-Cola, which were sold at kiosks around the Olympic Stadium and rowing course.

As the Games’ have grown, so too has our role; we’re the longest-running, continuous sponsor of both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games and a founding partner of the Special Olympics. We’re super proud to have been a consistent presence at the Games; refreshing Olympic athletes, officials, volunteers and spectators alike for nearly 100 years.

We’ve also created unique events in host cities, including a 12-acre Coca-Cola Olympic City theme park for the 1966 Atlanta Games and a "must-see" hangout for teens in downtown Rio for the 2016 Games. We even helped to make the London Olympics 2012 the greenest, most sustainable Games ever!

Fact 5: We invented the six-pack carrier

Yes, really! The ubiquitous, and very handy, six-pack was the brain-child of aforementioned marketing genius, Robert W. Woodruff. Its innovative design was developed in 1923 to allow people to enjoy the great taste of Coca-Cola at home or on the move. Today, as part of our ambition for a sustainable future, our six-packs are now both practical and recyclable.

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