glacéau smartwater teamed up with Jessica Skye, founder of London yoga class, Fat Buddha Yoga. She shared her top five ‘distilled’ yoga tips, which aim to help us find focus and simplicity in our complex lives.

1) Stop. Breathe.

Stop for a moment and observe how you are breathing. Is it through your nose or mouth? It says a lot about your energy - short shallow breaths suggest low drive and higher stress levels. Rejuvenate yourself by simply inhaling and using the full capacity of your lungs, sending calming signals to the brain, releasing anxiety and boosting vitality levels. Just remember, sometimes it’s as simple as taking a moment out from your 9-5. 

2) Stand tall

Are you hunched over your desk with your shoulders up near your ears? Check-in with your body and notice what it does when you aren’t aware. There are two easy ways to improve posture – lengthen the crown of your head and neck and slide your shoulders away from your ears to relax the muscles. Finally, don’t forget one of the key yogi mantras - keep your spine long and core strong.

3) Watch your face

Do you ever get told to smile more? Sometimes we create and hold stress in the body without even meaning to. As well as regulating your breathing, try to consciously avoid frowning and clenching your jaw. Not only will you feel more relaxed, you’ll look it too…less frowning means less wrinkles!

4) Be an everyday yogi

Ever feel like you live a hectic-24/7-digital-crazy-login-logout-everything-always-connected’ life? We understand life can get in the way sometimes. If time isn’t on your side and you can’t make a class, find a video on YouTube and practice at home – even for 10 minutes. So switch off your mind (and phone) and take the time to recharge both kinds of batteries.

5) Keep hydrated

One bonus tip on us – drink a little more water. We’re an average of 65-70% water so make sure you keep hydrated, especially when working out and on the go. Whether you gulp or sip - staying hydrated is a pretty smart thing to do.

You can follow Jessica on Twitter and Instagram at @Iamjessicaskye

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