1. It’s freezing cold...

... and you’re not complaining! This phenomenon only occurs for a very specific time between November 30 and January 3. Outside this period any temperatures below 11 Celsius are simply Arctic and therefore terrible. But during this brief interlude, Ice Age temperatures are welcomed, because they could lead to the Holy Grail: A White Christmas.

2. You say “Merry Christmas” as you leave a building

... without feeling silly.

3. Everyone at work is in a good mood

There’s a weird thing that happens every December; your colleagues start bringing in homemade treats, everyone’s up for making tea, there’s more chatting in the kitchen and the plants get a tinsel make-over. (Enjoy it, come January things will be very different.)

4. ... and your boss lets you go home early

“Oh go on then, why not? Knock off early, you’ve been working so hard this week,” says your boss on the second Friday in December. (What he/she doesn’t know is that you’ve spent the last three days ignoring emails and browsing gift ideas.)

5. Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming

You know the rest! Once the advert featuring the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas Truck is shown, well, there’s just no going back – Christmas has arrived.

6. The shops are still manic after 7pm

It’s dark by 4pm and the shops are busy ’til 9, it can only mean one thing – late night shopping!

7. Everywhere you go smells like cinnamon and orange

The classic flavours of nutmeg, cinnamon, orange and cloves are the taste and smell of Christmas. Whether they’re in a fresh mince pie, or your very own Diet Coke Christmas cake, once the festive season arrives they’re everywhere.

8. Go-to small talk is no longer about the weather

Instead, people ask: “So what are you doing for Christmas this year?” and that’s a great, great thing.

9. You get that warm, buzzy feeling

When the season really kicks in you can feel it in the air and in the pit of your stomach! There’s that buzzy feeling you get just from walking down your street. Of course this buzzy feeling goes into overdrive if you’re lucky enough to spot some carol singers or buskers singing Christmas songs.

10. “And the bells were ringing out for Christmas Day!”

It only happens at one time of year, but when it does, it’s great: every radio station starts playing Christmas songs. (You still don’t know the words of course, and you probably never will, but you’ll try to sing along regardless.)