What is PlantBottle™? And how does it help to increase our use of renewable materials while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels?

What is PlantBottle™?

Introduced in 2009, PlantBottle™ is the first-ever fully recyclable plastic bottle made partially from plants, rather than fossil fuels.

PlantBottle™ materials account for 30% of the plastic used in all the Coca-Cola system's Honest Kids and GLACÉAU Smartwater bottles. It’s just as strong, durable, refillable and 100% recyclable like traditional PET plastic, but it’s produced using sugar cane residue instead of petroleum, which reduces the carbon dioxide emissions.

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GLACÉAU Smartwater Sparkling is one of the Coca-Cola brands that uses PlantBottle™ technology in its bottles

PlantBottle™ in numbers… 

PlantBottle™ packaging is used in 6 billion bottles every year globally. To date, more than 35 billion PlantBottles have been distributed in nearly 40 countries. The technology has enabled us to eliminate the potential for more than 315,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions – the equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from burning more than 743,000 barrels of oil, which has saved more than 36 million gallons of petrol globally.

Innovations beyond packaging…

The world’s first PlantBottle Technology™ car

From its inception, we wanted to license PlantBottle Technology™ to non-competitive companies. We believe that we have a responsibility to work with others on solutions to our collective environmental challenges. So, with that in mind, we licensed PlantBottle Technology™ to H.J. Heinz for use in its ketchup bottles. And then Ford Motor Company announced plans to use the same renewable material found in PlantBottle™ packaging in the fabric interior in certain test models of the Fusion Energi hybrid sedan.

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Plantbottle™ is just one of the ways we’re working to ensure our packaging is as sustainable as possible. Find out more about our ambition for a sustainable future.