Sprite is responding to online haters with love in a new campaign that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Anyone can fall victim to abuse on social media. How to react when this happens? Respond to hate with hate? What if you do what no one is expecting: respond to the haters with love?

Sprite is inviting people to do just that in a new global campaign that celebrates diversity and inclusion – values that are in our DNA.

The campaign features real people who have all been on the receiving end of hurtful and abusive comments on social media, including French pole dancer Nico Moldestein, British rapper Tyrus McKenzie, Spanish Olympic swimmer Rocío Velazquez, Swedish surfer Liz Romer and Spanish LGBT community activists David Pérez and Marius Caralt. In the video they respond with love to some of the hurtful comments they’ve received, to the soundtrack of The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love”.

The video is part of a wider campaign that includes Instagram stories, a long-form documentary, interviews with the protagonists, print and out-of-home.

So remember: if you’re ever confronted with abusive comments online, stay cool and send those haters some love.