This October we’re trying out something a little different: Facebook Messenger chatbots. And it’s for one of our biggest competitions of the year – winning tickets to the Jingle Bell Ball…

Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball is billed as one of the UK’s biggest Christmas parties, with 15 global acts on 1 stage over 2 nights at London’s O2 Arena. There’s an average of 32,000 guests over both nights, with tickets usually selling out within an hour of being released.

100s of tickets to give away

The competition itself is huge. As a longstanding partner of the event, Coca-Cola Great Britain has 100 pairs of tickets to give away to this year’s event taking place 8-9 December 2018. As well as their 2 tickets to the event, each winner will receive travel to the event and 1 night’s accommodation.

How to enter…

Fans will find a pincode under the bottle caps or ringpulls on promotional cans or bottles. They can then enter their pincode via Facebook Messenger and find out instantly from the chatbot if they’ve won.

It will be able to answer consumers’ most frequently asked questions. Such as ‘where do I find my pincode?’” - James Simpson, Digital Acceleration Senior Manager at Coca-Cola Western Europe

The chatbot

As well as allowing fans to enter into the competition and find out instantly if they’ve won, the chatbot can also help answer any questions they may have about competition.

Available 24-hours a day

James Simpson, Digital Acceleration Senior Manager at Coca-Cola Western Europe, says that the chatbot has many benefits as well as allowing people to enter the competition. For example, it’s online and always instantly available: after all, the bot has no need for lunchbreaks, weekends or even sleep. “The chatbot operates 24 hours a day, which allows consumers to answer promo questions out of office hours. This provides invaluable assistance to consumers,enriching the overall brand experience.” says James.


Fun and engaging

Another benefit is how it takes the pain out of scrolling through a page of FAQs to find an answer. “It will be able to answer consumers’ most frequently asked questions,” says James. “These are questions that we know will crop up, such as ‘where do I find my pincode?’ or ‘how do I enter?’ via a fun and engaging chat function.” 

Building on the Summer promo

Summer 2018 saw a similar Facebook Messenger Chatbot, which was launched in Great Britain and Belgium for our Summer 2018 competition, which offered fans the chance to win 1,000s of unique experiences.

However, this was more of a ‘customer care chatbot’, which could answer questions about the summer competition, but didn’t allow consumers to enter the competition through it. This bot offers both, so gives users a more unified experience.

GDPR compliant

The new chatbot is GDPR-Compliant too – which is obviously essential for all businesses since April 2018. The chatbot requires entrants to read and agree to the Privacy Policy before continuing. Plus, it offers a ‘Tell me more’ option if anything about the process is unclear.


Learning as we go

Not only do we hope that the bot will give consumers the chance to find answers to their competition questions quickly and easily, but it’ll also help us to learn more about our fans, their needs and behaviours. “Thousands of fans will be able to take part,” says James. “And the insights gained will allow us to build on our chatbot mechanics to ensure we stay up-to-date with consumer behaviours in order to provide the most seamless and frictionless consumer experience.” 

Fancy giving it a go? Grab yourself a promotional can or bottle before 28 November 2018 and head over to