He's the mender of scraped knees and the repairer of tree houses. He's the spider remover, and the master of building fires. Whatever Dad represents in your household, the day to honour him approaches. And while dads are generally happy with ties and “World's Best Dad” mugs, there's a certain delight in giving him something just a bit outside of the box, isn't there?

But unique need not be expensive. Here are some creative ideas to celebrate Father's Day — this year, it's June 19 — without breaking the bank.

1. Bring the outside in

If dear old Dad isn't much of an outdoor enthusiast, you can at least bring nature right to his easy chair. Garden Therapy blogger Stephanie Rose has just the trick: a wooden coaster. She lamented the loss of a beautiful neighbourhood tree that had been cut down to make way for development. To preserve some of the cedar, which had been unceremoniously dumped, she decided to take some slices of the tree's branches and turn them into coasters.

Using not much more than a saw, varnish and a little elbow grease, Rose came up with a delightfully earthy, yet plenty masculine, gift. The instructions for making the coasters are posted in thorough, step-by-step fashion over at Garden Therapy.

“This post is usually popular for Father's Day,” she said. And for good reason.

2. Tidy up the garden

High summer is also high weed season, so offer to mow the lawn and fix up the flower beds and vegetable garden. Just make sure you know the difference between weeds and dad's prized zinnias. And it's always a good idea to wear garden gloves, particularly if you're allergic to poison ivy.

Once you have the garden spic and span, consider adding a little extra visual interest. Your local hardware shop or garden supply company likely stocks birdbaths or the perfect solar-powered lights for illuminating garden paths.

3. While you're at it, tidy up the garage, too

Whether Dad works in a garage, shed or basement, chances are it could use a little bit of organisation. Expandable wall storage is excellent for unwieldy items like rakes and shovels, and relatively inexpensive, too. Metal shelving is excellent for larger tools. Getting stuff off the floor creates space, a priceless commodity in many work areas.

The DIY and Crafts blog has excellent tips and tricks for beautifying garages cheaply — just make sure Dad doesn't mind you touching his stuff.

4. Decorate the 'man cave'

Pick a room in the house and dedicate it to dad for a day. Fill it with newspapers (recent, of course), his favourite books and other things that will make him relaxed and happy for the day. A proper man cave begs for retro décor; check the Coca-Cola online store for wall hangings and cool Coca-Cola refrigerators to keep Dad's drinks frosty.

5. Put a little more retro on the wall

Tammy Henderson and Brittany Murray, bloggers and the mother-and-daughter creative force behind One More Time Events, came up with a great way to show Dad he rocks. This vintage record clock (see image at top of page), is an excellent project for sprucing up a man cave, is made from an old vinyl record and clock parts, which can be found at most larger craft stores.

No. 1 tip? Don't use one of Dad's favorite records for this project — find a cheap but cool vintage LP instead.

6. Create the perfect hike

If Dad likes to get outside, try picking out a hiking trip for Father's Day. Choose an outing that's not particularly far away if you can, and pack an easy-to-carry cooler or insulated backpack with sandwiches, snacks, and a couple of ice-cold Coca-Colas. Hit the trail, and then enjoy a nice lunch, al fresco. Make sure to get plenty of pictures, and use a Coca-Cola selfie stick for a family portrait!

7. Put together a griller's gift basket

Fill a basket — or better yet, a cooler — with the tools of the grill trade. Stock it with spring-loaded grill tongs, some stainless-steel kabob skewers and a few other grill accouterments. Fun basket stuffers could include seasoning rubs (make your own and put them in screw-top jars to save money) or oils infused with fresh herbs and other spices. If you'd like to go deluxe, look for cedar grilling planks, a nice grill-safe basting brush or grill mop, a heavy-duty meat thermometer and a fresh set of hand towels.

Get ready to feel the love.