Why not have a go at making your own seasonal decor this year? It’s fun to do, immensely satisfying and easier on the purse strings. Here are five quick-to-master and inspirational ideas... 

Holly wreaths

Everyone loves a wreath, and making one can be as simple as foraging in your garden or local park. You can buy wicker or wire bases from your nearest garden centre or DIY shop, or make the base yourself by weaving twigs together (birch, willow and bamboo are best), or by using chicken wire. Once your base is sorted, it’s simply a question of picking evergreens and fruit like holly, ivy, conifer, rosemary, rosehip and crab apples, and threading them into your base. Just be sure to have plenty of wire handy for holding everything in place.

Hanging paper snowmen

A favourite for everyone, simply fold up a sheet of paper as though you were making a fan (so fold one way and then back on yourself), draw a snowman on one end, cut it out and hey presto – you have a string of snowmen. Decorate your snowmen with some sequins or silver glitter and you have a beautiful decoration in no time at all.

Clove oranges

These really are easy – and they’ll make your home smell beautiful too! Simply buy a couple of oranges, some coloured ribbon (go for some that’s not too thick) and some cloves. Wrap and tie the ribbon around your orange as if it were a parcel, so crossed at the top and crossed at the bottom, and then start decorating by pressing in the cloves. Make sure you follow the ribbon to keep your lines of cloves nice and neat.  

Tin can lights

This really is what you'd imagine: wash out some old tin cans, spray them gold, drill some holes into them, pop a candle inside and voila – you have lights!

Salt dough tree decorations

These are very easy and mega fun to do! Mix equal parts of plain flour, salt and water together to make a dry enough dough that shouldn’t come off on your fingers (keep adding drops of water and small handfuls of flour until you get the perfect consistency). Then roll your dough out and use biscuit cutters – or do it by hand if you’re brave enough – to cut out shapes such as stars, bells and angels. Make sure you leave a small hole at the top of each decoration, as you’ll need to thread some string through it, and then bake your mini masterpieces for a couple of hours at 100 Celsius. Once baked and dry, paint them with some ordinary paints and your tree decorations are made!