Diet Coke brand ambassador Holly Willoughby shows off the unseen sides of her personality to celebrate the launch of two new Diet Coke flavours: Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry. As well as new flavours and a new look, the relaunch is also being celebrated with a £10m Because I Can campaign.

Diet Coke’s latest reveal unveiled a sleek new packaging design along with two delicious new flavours: Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry. To celebrate the unexpected twists on the unique taste of original Diet Coke, we’ve created a series of stunning themed images, with brand ambassador Holly Willoughby bringing the new flavours to life.

“I can definitely be feisty, so it’s been fun to show off my alter-ego while having fun with the cherry and mango themes.” – Holly Willoughby, Diet Coke brand ambassador

TV presenter Holly’s usually sleek style is followed by millions every day, so the images show off previously unseen sides of her personality through two extravagant new looks. An elaborate orange maxi dress reflects Holly’s exotic side, while an edgy cherry red dress uncovers her hidden feisty persona.

Speaking about the reveal, Holly says: “In contrast to what people may think, I can definitely be feisty sometimes, so it’s been fun to show off my alter-ego while having fun with the cherry and mango themes. The new Diet Coke flavours offer an exciting twist on classic Diet Coke and a fresh alternative for fellow fans of the original.” 

Diet Coke’s new look and delicious new flavours: Feisty Cherry and Exotic Mango.

The new Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry flavours have been designed for Diet Coke fans with adventurous palates. More than 30 new recipes were taste-tested with more than 10,000 people before selecting these two new favourites.

Aedamar Howlett, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland says, “This year is set to be an exciting one for Diet Coke. We expect the flavours to be well received by existing and new fans, while our new pack designs bring a fresh new look as showcased in style by Holly.”

The new packaging and flavours launch are supported by the biggest Diet Coke campaign in 10 years. ‘Because I Can’ is all about empowerment, and encourages fans to live their life unapologetically.

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