Inspired by our much-loved ad, X-Factor winners Rak-Su have given Coca-Cola’s famous Holidays Are Coming track a remix…

Rak-Su have won the hearts of millions with their incredible song-writing skills and dance moves on ITV’s X-Factor.

Less than 24 hours after their win in 2017, Rak-Su soared to the top of UK iTunes charts with their single 'Dimelo‘. They also became the first-ever group to win X-Factor singing their own, original tracks at every stage of the competition.

With their new single being rumoured for performance on the X-Factor this year, and a first album to follow, they’re the perfect choice to give our classic Holidays Are Coming song a remix.

Watch the Coca-Cola Holidays Are Coming advert featuring Rak-Su

Rak-Su says: “We’re so excited to be part of Coca-Cola’s Christmas campaign that we’re giving Holidays Are Coming a Christmas Rak-Su spin. We could call it a Christmas Rakspin! Merry Rakmus!”

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Users need to simply say: “Ask Send Me a Sample for a Coke” to be sent a sample pack. The pack includes: 2 mini cans Coca-Cola zero sugar, 1 can of Diet Coke and 1 can of Coca-Cola original taste. But hurry! There are only 50,000 samples available.

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