The powerful ‘Small World Machines’ campaign brought together people from Lahore in Pakistan and New Delhi in India, through a touchscreen vending machine.

The uplifting film encouraged those living in the two cities — which stand just 325 miles apart — to enjoy a Coca-Cola together, forgetting the years of political tension that stands between the two countries.

A small moment of happiness

The ‘Small World Machines’ film shows Pakistani and Indian citizens interacting with each other through touch screen vending machines placed in busy shopping malls.

The campaign — aimed at promoting cultural understanding around the world — demonstrated how a live communications portal could link two strangers from divided nations and help them enjoy a small moment of happiness together.

The technology allowed people to smile and wave at each other, as well as write messages by drawing on the screen.

“Your actions are literally mirrored. By adding a touch screen, it allowed us to play interactive animations so people could trace things like a heart or smiley face together.”
— Jackie Jantos Tulloch, Coca-Cola’s Global Creative Director

Finding a way

The project team overcame several engineering, infrastructure and logistical challenges to turn the Small World Machines vision into reality. The crews on both sides filmed through the night, capturing more than 100 interactions between people of all ages and from all walks of life.

People from Pakistan and India interacted with each other by drawing messages on the screen.

Saying goodbye

At the end of the nearly 10-hour shoot, both audiences cranked up the music, danced and waved goodbye to their new-found friends across the border. The crews behind the camera joined in too, including the Coca-Cola teams from Pakistan and India.

“The people of Pakistan and India share a lot of common passions and interests – from food and Bollywood movies, to Coke Studio music, to cricket,” says Saad Pall, Assistant Brand Manager for Coca-Cola in Pakistan. “What this project did was connect people who are not exposed to each other on a daily basis, enabling the common man in Lahore to see and interact with the common man in Delhi. It’s a small step we hope will signal what’s possible.”

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