With the weather finally taking a turn for the better and our parks and public spaces filling up with people, there’s only one thing that can dampen our mood: litter.

It’s why, as part of Coca-Cola’s ongoing partnership with Keep Britain Tidy, we’ve been encouraging people to head out into their communities between 22 March and 23 April to do their bit for the Great British Spring Clean.

But we’re not sitting idly by while everyone else gets to work: staff from every part of the Coca-Cola system have been out picking and sorting this week too, with more than 30 people helping to tidy up London’s Little Venice area.

As we mentioned in our call to arms last month, this year’s Great British Spring Clean aims to inspire 500,000 people up and down the country to help, with the view to recycle as much litter as possible so that products like our 100% recyclable bottles can go on to have a useful second, third or fourth life!

It’s incredibly impactful work, too. As you can see from the photos, in just a short time out in the field our staff collected more than 60 bags of rubbish!

“We’ve been a long-time supporter of Keep Britain Tidy,” says Coca-Cola’s Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Manager, Liz Lowe, “going all the way back to 1968. Last year our Coca-Cola employees braved the icy winds of the Beast from the East to help clean up part of the Thames River foreshore.

“So today it was an absolute pleasure to be out in the spring sunshine in London’s Little Venice area, helping the Canal & River Trust to remove loads of unsightly old litter from the banks and towpaths of the Grand Union canal. Everyone got right into it and felt a real sense of achievement with the transformation we’d made.

“It’s amazing how much a team of enthusiastic volunteers can pick up in a few hours!”

And now it’s your turn! If you’d like to organise your own Great British Spring Clean litter pick, there’s plenty of time. Here’s everything you need to know…

Here’s how you can get involved in 4 easy steps:

Need some guidance when you’re out and about? This year we’re asking people to bring a range of bags to help recycle their picked litter as smartly as possible:

Bag 1: Plastic bottles
Bag 2: Glass bottles
Bag 3: Aluminium cans
Bag 4: General waste

Remember: just an hour can make a huge difference, so you don’t have to be out all day.

No matter how big or small your effort, you’ll probably benefit from it just as much as the environment; 89% of people who took part in last year’s Great British Spring Clean felt that they made a real difference to the environment on their doorstep, while 83% said they felt more a part of their community.

Help make a huge difference to your community… Sign up to the Great British Spring Clean 2018