In the last #GradLife series, Corinna Litscher revealed what life’s like on the Coca-Cola European Partners graduate scheme, which included playing tennis with none other than Boris Johnson! In this series Pippa Collins unbottles a few stories about her experience, and what she enjoys about the scheme.

Why did you apply for the graduate scheme?
I’d heard a lot about the benefits of graduate schemes, and the rotational aspect of Coca-Cola European Partners’ programme really sold it to me, because I wasn’t too sure which area I wanted to go into.

What does a typical day involve?
I currently work within the customer and commercial leadership team, so that means working closely with the marketing team to understand their vision of what’s happening with the brands to make sure it aligns with the commercial aspects of what my team’s trying to do with different portion sizes, multipacks and prices.

What made you want to join that team?
Coca-Cola European Partners look for roles that will stretch you, they identify any gaps you might have in your knowledge and push you to try different things, which is really encouraging.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt?
How differently the bottler, Coca-Cola European Partners, views things compared to Coca-Cola Great Britain, who does all the marketing and advertising. The latter has a more long-term view, while the former it’s more about what’s happening in the marketplace right now. I recently told my mentor how different it is coming from field sales where you’re usually on location to then working full-time in an office.

You just mentioned a mentor – does every graduate get one?
Yes! We can check in with them whenever we have any questions, and they always connect you with the right people that can help. They tend to be senior employees in the business who aren’t in the same department, but they still understand your role and work with HR on your personal development plan.

What’s the best thing about working at Coca-Cola GB’s offices?
Being in the centre of London, near all the shops! But, also having a great team of people to bounce ideas off, learn from and socialise with.

Tell us one of your favourite moments!
It was probably last year, during Rugby World Cup 2015. The atmosphere in the office was really lively and upbeat, and the social team put on free lunches and played the matches on widescreen TVs - we even had a visit from rugby legend (and Strictly star) Thom Evans! I really like the culture here, and at Coca-Cola European Partners, where they make the most of our sponsorships deals and get employees involved. 

What are you looking forward to next?
I really enjoyed working with our customers, from cinema chains to supermarkets, so I’m looking forward to doing more of that next year. I can’t wait to find that one role that totally clicks, and I feel like I’m on top of it. I’m not too far off, but I’ve still got lots to learn.

Do you have any advice for students looking for grads schemes?
Start early. Sometimes you are concentrating so hard on your studies that you delay applying, and then you have to wait that extra year.

Coca-Cola European Partners will be accepting applications for the 2017 graduate scheme in October.

Find out more about careers at Coca-Cola Great Britain, and stay tuned for the next issue in the #GradLife series!