Glamping: noun
1. /a form of camping in which participants enjoy physical comforts associated with more luxurious types of holiday/
2. Blend of glamorous + camping

For many, camping is the age-old way to explore the wilderness, but its glamping that has been on the rise.

Glamping is not dusty, glamping is not messy, and glamping does not have bugs. Instead, glamping offers, elaborate bedding, in-door/outdoor rooms, private decks, and fancy dining areas. In glamping, the accommodations, activities and itineraries are fabulous and the attire is oh-so-chic! To glamp (looks like it’s a verb also) one must come properly dressed. Now that you know the official definition of glamping, the updated and much more glamorous version of camping — have you glamped?

Here are a few style tips that you may want to remember when packing for your glamping trip:

Caftans + tunics: they’re loose and easy to wear, which makes them perfect for the outdoors. Plus, they match the more glam accommodation locations.

Gladiator sandals: forget Tevas — glamping requires a cute and strappy sandal to gallivant around the campgrounds.

Oversized fedoras, floppy hats: A large and dramatic hat is a must-have accessory for your leisurely outdoor getaway.

Designer sunglasses: An average camping trip might make you pack your throw-away pair of sunglasses for fear of dropping them in a lake, but for glamping you’ll need them while you’re relaxing on your private tent terrace. 

Booties: Glamping typically offers a semi-fancy dining area where an evening party or meal might take place. Instead of stilettos, a chic bootie is the preferred glamping shoe.

Designer fanny pack: All the top designers offer this trend and it easily doubles as a purse for your ‘rustic’ adventure.

With summer coming to an end and fall on its tails, now is the perfect time to start thinking about taking a little trip into the wild – in style and luxury.


Tillie Adelson is the witty and fashionable voice behind style and beauty blog My Stiletto Life, and was recently featured in InStyle Magazine’s November 2013 issue. She is a style influencer, a content creator, an entrepreneur, and a stylist. She contributes her creative voice and style to various platforms. Tillie is a graduate of UCLA and Parsons the New School for Design and launched her career in fashion in New York City. She is a pop culture aficionado, has a penchant for stilettos and nail polish, and has an affinity for languages and culture.