It’s already begun. Our parks, beaches and streets are facing a litter revolution! Thousands of people are gearing up to get out in the fresh air with their family and friends to fight the litter monster and become our nation’s #LitterHeroes. Here’s how you can too...

Get involved in the Great British Spring Clean: 2-4 March 2018

Do you want to make a difference? Clean up our streets and parks and rid them of litter? Well so do we. That’s why Coca-Cola Great Britain is partnering with Keep Britain Tidy and supporting the Great British Spring Clean 2018, the nation’s biggest single clean-up event. 

Did you know? 89% of people who take part in the Great British Spring Clean feel that they are making a real difference to the environment on their doorstep

How to get involved

Working together, Keep Britain Tidy and Coca-Cola Great Britain want to inspire 500,000 volunteers to get outdoors with their friends and family and have some fun – all while doing something incredibly important: we’re cleaning up the ugly litter that blights our communities, ruins our enjoyment of public spaces, harms wildlife and can end up on beaches and in the sea.

Here’s how you can get involved in 4 easy steps:

  1. Register on the Keep Britain Tidy website
  2. Enter your postcode into the event map to find a litterpick near you OR organise your own local event
  3. Download Keep Britain Tidy’s Guide to the Great British Spring Clean for guidance, prep advice and fun tips
  4. Then grab your friends, family and neighbours (and some hardy gloves) and get ready to become a Litter Hero!

We might even see you there, as the Coca-Cola system is sending 130 volunteer employees to more than 10 clean-up events across the country.

Did you know? 2.25m pieces of litter are dropped on the streets of the UK every day.

“Littering blights every corner of our country and the help of partners is vital if we are to support all the #LitterHeroes who are willing to get out and clean up after those who still think it is OK to drop their rubbish on the ground.” - Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton

Banish the Littermonster by becoming a #LitterHero.

Why get involved?

All bottles and cans from Coca-Cola are 100% recyclable and can have a useful second (or third or fourth!) life when they are recycled and made into new cans and bottles – or even things like clothing or furniture! But we need to get those bottles off our streets, out of our rivers and into recycling plants where they can be recycled.

Plus, with 80% of marine litter originating from land, everybody can play their part in preventing littering not only in their local area but also in our rivers, beaches, seas and oceans. And you don’t have to go crazy and collect bags and bags of litter (although that would be great!) even one bag of litter or half an hour of your time makes a huge difference. Plus, it’s a productive way of getting outdoors and spending time with family or friends while making a real difference to your community. So…

Sign up to the Great British Spring Clean 2018